Using EndNote Web (Classic or Legacy Version)

A guide to the main features of the bibliographical manager EndNote Web

How to Share your Groups (Folders) with Others

It is possible to share your Folders/Groups with others who also have EndNote Basic/Web Accounts.  Here is how:

1. Click on "Organize" and then "Manage my groups."
2. Find the group (folder) you want to share and click on "Manage Sharing."
3. On the next page, click on "Start sharing with this group."
4. Enter email addresses, using your Enter Key to list each one.
5. Alternatively, you can upload a list of email addresses from a file with email addresses separated by commas.
6. Choose whether you want your data to be "read only" or "read & write" (the latter allows members of your shared group to alter or add to the data).
7. Note that you can't share attachments (e.g. uploaded full text articles). Each member of your share will have to upload their own full text.
8. Click "Apply."



The members of your share can find the shared group (folder) here:

Have members of your share log into their own EndNote accounts and click on Others' groups, where they will find the group (folder) you have shared with them.