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Curriculum Resource Centre: Curriculum Resource Centre

The Curriculum Resource Centre (CRC) is a specialized education resource library which primarily serves the School of Education, and offers a wide range of curriculum support materials.

Curriculum Resource Centre Office



                Shelley Spencer, B.Ed. 

                CRC Library Technician 

      Curriculum Resource Centre

              OFFICE HOURS

           Monday-Thursday 9:00-3:00 

Email for assistance with Curriculum Resources or to access the CRC by appointment.


  The CRC Office is located in the

    Curriculum Resource Centre

        on the upper level of the

  Norma Marion Alloway Library


Welcome to the CRC


Please see: for updated information.

Access to the CRC is available by appointment only.

 Email Shelley Spencer, CRC Library Technician, for assistance

with Curriculum resources or to access the CRC Collection.


The Library will be operating on a reduced schedule, visit Library Hours.

  • Contactless Hold Pickup Service - Available at the Borrower Services Desk
  • Computer Lab - Access to 8 computers and the copier/printer will be available on the main floor

Please see Library Contact information for Reference assistance.

Take care and encourage each other ... from a distance!

Curriculum Resources & Quick Links

Curriculum LT Collection - See LT Classification Schedule below

BC K-12 Curriculum

Indigenous Education Resources


Harro Van Brummelen Curriculum Resource Centre

Harro Van BrummelenThe Harro Van Brummelen Curriculum Resource Centre is named in honour of the founding Dean of the School of Education, Harro Van Brummelen, Ed.D.

Because of his heart for TWU’s education students, Dr. Van Brummelen ensured that curriculum resources were available in the library, and was generous with his donations to the CRC.

The Harro Van Brummelen Curriculum Resource Centre provides a variety of resources for curriculum planning, research and teaching. The Curriculum Resource Centre is used by TWU students and faculty, as well as by local educators. Located on the upper level of the Norma Marion Alloway Library & Learning Commons, it is equipped with tables for individual and group study and a study room for quiet group study, and is available during library hours.