Using EndNote Web (Classic or Legacy Version)

A guide to the main features of the bibliographical manager EndNote Web

Manual OneSearch / EBSCO Exports

Sometimes the normal direct download from EBSCO databases (see link in the left column) isn't working. This is an alternative way to export citations to EndNote.

1. Click on a title you want to export to EndNote or put it in a temporary folder.
2. Find the "Export" link to the right.
3. Choose "Direct export in RIS format."
4. Click "Save."
5. Log into EndNote Web, click on "Collect" and then on "Import References."
6. In the "Import References" box click on "File:Browse," and locate your RIS file in your downloads folder. Select it.
7. For "Import Option," choose Refman RIS. If it is not in the list, click on "Select Favorites," and add Refman RIS to your list.
8. Choose the group (folder) where you want to put your reference(s).
9. Click "Import." The notification you see will have a link to the group (folder) you chose, where you can see the reference(s) you uploaded.

Bulk Citation Exports from an EBSCO Database Via Email

You can export several results at a time using the "email a link to download exported results" feature. The following video produced by the University of Calgary outlines this process.

Once you have exported your results via email, you can follow steps 5 to 9 in the graphics above. This video from the University of Akron Libraries demonstrates the process.