Using EndNote Web (Classic or Legacy Version)

A guide to the main features of the bibliographical manager EndNote Web

Downloading from Web of Science

1. Do the search and select citation(s) you want to export.
2. Click on "Export" at the top of the screen.
3. Click on RIS (other reference software). Only choose "EndNote desktop" if you are using the paid software version of EndNote rather than EndNote Web.
4. Be sure the download information is correct, then click on "Export." This will move your citation(s) into a file in your downloads folder.
5. Log into EndNote Web and click on "Collect" then "Import References."
6. Click on "Browse" to upload the citation file from your downloads folder.
7. For the import option, choose "Refman RIS." If it is not in the dropdown, add it, using the "Select Favorites" link.
8. Select the group (folder) into which you wish to place your citation(s).
9. Click on "Import."