Building your Research Skills

An introduction to knowledge and skills to help you become a more able researcher.

You can improve your research skills

A lot of us think we are good researchers because we’ve mastered Google. Others are genuinely fearful of research assignments, leading to procrastination. Or we find them boring. Still others are dismayed by low grades on research assignments.

The good news: You can become a better researcher. Here’s a plan:

First, we will offer you short guides to solve common research challenges.

Second, we will help you understand our confusing information landscape

Third, we will help you design your research to give you purpose and save you time.

Fourth, we will help you to optimize the databases you use.

Fifth, we will help you evaluate and organize your resources, while showing you how to avoid plagiarism.

In this guide, you will find a lot of resources. Choose the ones you need to build your knowledge.

Research Workflow Diagram

research workflow diagram