Using EndNote Web (Classic or Legacy Version)

A guide to the main features of the bibliographical manager EndNote Web

Setting Up the Bibliography Formatter

To generate notes and bibliographies from your groups, you need to load required bibliographical styles into your favorites. The following procedure allows you to do this:

1. Choose "Format" and then "Bibliography."
2. Click on "Select Favorites" to add a bibliographic style.
3. Choose the format you want from the list.
4. Click on "Copy to Favorites."
5. On the Bibliography box, use the "References" dropdown to choose the group (folder) for which you want to generate a bibliography.
6. Choose the Bibliographic Style (format) from your list of favorites.
7. Choose File Format (html will display in EndNote while Rich Text will be a file download compatible with most word processors).
8. Choose how you want to output your reference list / bibliography. Easiest option is Preview & Print. From there, you can copy/paste your list at the end of your document.