Using EndNote Basic/Web

A guide to the main features of the bibliographical manager EndNote Basic/Web

How To Download Book Citations to EndNote

Your best option for getting book citations into EndNote is to use TWU Library's OneSearch interface on the library home page and create downloads for the books you find.  For more information on using the Export function in OneSearch, see the EBSCOhost Direct Download to EndNote link to the left.

If you want an alternative (though more complex) method, use WorldCat, as described below.

Book Citation Downloads WorldCat to EndNote

1. Go to and create an account or sign in. The links are in the upper right of the home screen:


2. Search for a book. Click on the blue icon to the right:


3. Create a new list or add your found book to an existing list.


4. Look up the rest of your books and add them to your list. This will form the download list to go into EndNote.


5. Export the list. It will appear as a .csv file in your downloads folder:


6. Open EndNote and upload your citations, using the WorldCat filter: