Research Data Management

UPDATE: Dataverse now called Borealis

Please note that the information on this page may be out of date following the recent shift of Dataverse to Borealis.

Updates to follow.

Data Deposit

Why are the Tri-Agencies promoting data deposit?

  • To promote intentional preservation and long-term availability of the materials that "support the research conclusions" arising from agency-funded research.
  • To raise the profile of data so that it is recognized as being "significant and legitimate products of research."
  • To recognize researchers who engage in responsible and effective data sharing.

Are there any current Tri-Agency data-deposit requirements?

Only CIHR has an existing data-deposit requirement for publication-related research data, pertaining to all research funded by grants January 1, 2008 and onward.

All three have open-access requirements for their peer-reviewed journal publications (Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications). Consult the Guide to Open Access for further details on requirements and options related to open-access publishing.³


Scholars Portal Dataverse is a web-based, publicly accessible data repository platform, open to affiliated researchers to deposit and share research data openly with anyone in the world. Dataverse is built with open-source software and is hosted completely on Canadian servers at the University of Toronto Libraries.

Researchers control the levels of access to the files that are deposited into Dataverse, which can be defined right down to individual files. Files can be made public, be open to specific individuals, or kept completely private. See the useful Dataverse guide for more information.

Trinity's researchers are encouraged to deposit data into the Trinity Western University Dataverse within the Scholars Portal Dataverse.²

Deposit into Dataverse

Find information on preparing your data and research outputs for deposit into Dataverse here.

Access and submit materials to TWU Dataverse here.

²Scholars Portal Dataverse Benefits and Features; Data Repositories and Archives


TWUSpace is a Canadian-developed and maintained digital repository that is available to Trinity researchers as part of our partnership with the BC ELN and membership in Arca.

Arca is a collaborative initiative to support the development and implementation of digital repositories at BC post-secondary institutions. It provides access to post-secondary institutional digital assets and research output via a cross-repository search layer. Participating institutions share a single repository, with individual customized website interfaces providing portals to their own content. Arca houses a broad variety of institutional knowledge, including scholarly material and digital assets such as administrative documents, newsletters, images, multimedia, and audiovisual materials.

Arca is built on Islandora, a Canadian-developed open-source platform currently in use at over 100 public and private institutions worldwide. This shared platform provides post-secondary institutions with open-access repositories for research, theses, and any other digital assets they wish to make available to the wider community.¹

Deposit into TWUSpace

Find information about TWUSpace here, including how to submit your research for deposit.

Access TWUSpace here.

Submit materials to TWUSpace here.

¹Arca FAQ

Data Repositories and Archives

Institutional Repositories

Trinity Western University promotes the use of repositories to store and preserve research data and outputs, and maintains two institutional repositories: TWUSpace and TWU Borealis (formerly Dataverse).

Find more information about each repository in the boxes below.

Subject- and Discipline-Specific Repositories

There are many subject- and discipline-specific repositories that you can choose from when deciding where to store your data at the end of your research project.

  • Search or browse through the 219 subject- and discipline-specific, Canadian data repositories indexed by HERE.
  • Search or browse through the national repository, Federated Research Data Repository, HERE


Trinity has a TWU-specific Borealis repository. All TWU researchers are encouraged to consider Borealis as an option for end-of-project data deposit. You can find out more about TWU Borealis under the Share Your Data: Borealis tab of this libguide.