Research Data Management

Benefit to Students

Student participants will receive a stipend of $10 583, on top of the valuable skills-training.


Holding an RDM-I Fellowship will provide you with skills and hands-on experience that will make you a valuable research assistant while completing your undergraduate degree, and give you a competitive edge over your peers when applying for research-focussed graduate programs. Research data management skills transfer directly into the workplace as effective and efficient information handling, which can increase your potential value to prospective employers.

Benefit to Researchers

Faculty participants will receive a trained RA to design and implement RDM solutions for at least one of their active and/or archived research projects, bringing those projects into full compliance with funder requirements for RDM.


Participating in the RDM-I as a mentor will highlight the information handling skills that you've learned through trial and error; raise those skills to international best-practice standards; and match you with a trained undergraduate student who will provide the capacity to apply the theoretical knowledge to your own research activities.

Benefit to TWU Community

Hosting the RDM Institute will develop a foundation for RDM at TWU such that researchers at all stages of their development have the education and support to take ownership of all aspects of their RDM. Research environments that build world-class information-handling-practices into the everyday research culture are the natural breeding ground of world-class research discoveries.

The Institute aims to generate a researcher-driven culture change around RDM, fostering active participation by researchers; creating sustainable student-training opportunities; and establishing organic and discipline-responsive RDM practices. With administrative and financial support, the Institute will help TWU move beyond a point-of-need, administration-driven approach and open the door to a culture-shift in favour of discipline-specific, researcher-driven RDM.