Research Data Management

Data Management Plans (DMPs)

Data Management Plans (DMPs) outline how a researcher or research group intends to handle their research data during and after the course of their research.

DMPs will describe:

  • how data will be collected, documented, formatted, protected and preserved;
  • how existing datasets will be used and what new data will be created over the course of the research project;
  • whether and how data will be shared; and
  • where data will be deposited.

DMPs also outline the data management responsibilities of each person on the research team, account for how these responsibilities will be managed over time as people join or leave the project, and detail any legal, ethical, or other constraints on the data.

Making DMPs

The Portage Network has developed a DMP Template that walks you through all of the questions that should be considered when making a plan for your data at the start of your research. Questions you will be asked include:

  • What types of data will you collect, create, link to, acquire and/or record? (Data Collection)
  • What documentation will be needed for the data to be read and interpreted correctly in the future? (Documentation and Metadata)
  • What are the anticipated storage requirements for your project, in terms of storage space and the length of time you will be storing it? (Storage and Backup)
  • Where will you deposit your data for long-term preservation and access at the end of your research project? (Preservation)
  • What data will you be sharing and in what form? (Sharing and Reuse)
  • Identify who will be responsible for managing this project's data during and after the project and the major data management tasks for which they will be responsible. (Responsibilities and Resources)
  • If your research includes sensitive data, how will you ensure that it is securely managed and accessible only to approved members of the project? (Ethics and Legal Compliance)

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DMP Templates and Exemplars

The following links will take you to a collection of templates and exemplars for DMPs.

The Digital Research Alliance collected or created these resources to support researchers, librarians, and data specialists.

DMP templates

DMP exemplars

McMaster developed the DMP database; search by keyword or browse DMPs by discipline, geographical location, or funding body.

DMP database