Research Data Management


The Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy mandates that educational institutions develop institutional strategies for the handling, deposit, and management of research data. The following strategy statement addresses the key elements required. Such strategies are imperative for protecting the public, the institution, and researchers against potential harm and liabilities arising from accidental disclosure of sensitive information that is often obtained during the course of a research project.



This institutional strategy articulates our available RDM services, and outlines how our institution will support our research community when implementing RDM best practices in their work.


Research data management (RDM) refers to the processes applied through the lifecycle of a research project to guide the collection, documentation, storage, sharing and preservation of research data (Tri-Agency RDM Policy FAQ: What is RDM?).



  • ensure procedures are in place to protect sensitive information about individuals or groups involved in research activities either as research participants or as part of the research team 


  • safeguard against liability related to data breaches; receive maximum value for investments in research; acknowledge and validate all stages of academic work


  • save time by planning, organizing, focussing, and avoiding duplicating effort or having to re-do work


  • to comply with Tri-Agency requirements and act in accordance with accepted best practices for research


RDM implementation requires representation and resourcing from the Research Office, researchers, IT, Human Research Ethics Board, and the Library.

Areas for Action

The following areas for action all require designated personnel to carry out the duties required.

Top Priorities

  • generating institutional buy-in and gaining institutional support (institutional awareness, infrastructure)
  • practical and clear guidelines on data handling (data handling: active data management; data handling: appraisal and risk management)


  • Institutional Strategy will be published by March 2023 in accordance with Tri-Agency requirements
  • action will be ongoing following strategy publication
  • items indicated as top priorities are projected to be completed in Spring 2023; everything else to follow as resources allow