Research Data Management

Applications are due on March 20, 2024.

Applications must be submitted from your Trinity email ( for students, for faculty researchers).

Ensure that you are eligible, and have followed the instructions in the Application Process and Submission Instructions below.

Eligibility Criteria


  • Current enrollment in an undergraduate program
  • Completion of at least one full year of post-secondary studies at the deadline of application
  • GPA equal to or greater than 2.7
  • Sponsored by a faculty member

NB: students who are graduating in April may hold a Fellowship in the summer after graduation

Faculty Researchers

  • You hold a faculty position at TWU
  • You meet the SSHRC definition of an Early Career Researcher
    • You are within five years from the date of your first research-related appointment, minus eligible delays in research
  • Your research is primarily within a SSHRC-eligible field

You do not need to have any formal background or familiarity with RDM to participate in the RDM-I. The students and this project will benefit from your discipline-specific expertise. The plan is that the students will become translators between your discipline-specific, and the librarian's and other stakeholders' RDM-specific, knowledge.

Application Process

  • Ask a faculty member to complete the online Student Recommendation form
    • The faculty member should be able to speak to your aptitude for holding one of the RDM-I Fellowships (see Selection Criteria)
  • Complete the Student Application form
  • Download your unofficial TWU transcript
  • Submit the application package (Student Application and unofficial TWU transcript) to the RDM Librarian, following the Submission Instructions below


Links to all forms are found in the Application Forms section below.

Submission Instructions [STUDENTS ONLY]

Please pay attention to the following instructions for how the application documents are to be named, saved, and submitted.


Naming: all documents must be named as follows:

  • Student Application
    • RDM-I_2024_LastNameFirstInitial_SA
  • Student Recommendation
    • RDM-I_2024_LastNameFirstInitial_SR
  • Transcript
    • RDM-I_2024_LastNameFirstInitial_T

Example filename: RDM-I_2024_SmithJ_SA


Saving: all documents must be saved as either .pdf or .doc files.



  • All documents must be attached as copies to the submission email. Documents submitted as cloud-based links, rather than as attachments to email, will not be accepted.
  • All submissions must be sent from your email address to the RDM Librarian, Elizabeth Kreiter, at
  • The subject line for the email should read: Application for Student Fellowship in the RDM-I 2024.

Selection Criteria

The students who are chosen to participate in the RDM-I will demonstrate the following qualities:

  • excellent oral and written communicator
  • self-motivated learner
  • curious
  • detail-oriented
  • methodical
  • able to work independently and as part of a team

Aside from these characteristics, there are no specific required skills for students who wish to participate in the RDM-I. You do not need to have any formal background or familiarity with RDM to participate in the RDM-I. You will be trained in RDM and guided throughout the summer as you apply your new skills to your mentor's research.

Faculty will be invited to participate in the RDM-I in order to provide the most disciplinarily-diverse cohort possible.