A collection of resources for faculty and undergraduate and graduate nursing students.

Introducing CINAHL Complete

CINAHL Complete is the premier nursing database. These tutorials demonstrate the most useful features of CINAHL. Note that while these tutorials use CINAHL, most of the features will work in the same way on other EBSCOhost databases such as, Biomedical Reference Collection, MEDLINE, PsycINFO, etc.

Managing Research

Managing Research

If you are working on a major research project, or on research that extends over a longer period of time, CINAHL offers a number of tools that will help you manage your research. 

Saving Searches (1:32) vimeo
Save searches, so you can come back later and resume working with them.

Using EBSCOhost's search history (3:03vimeo

The search history in EBSCOhost databases offers powerful tools for working with searches that are especially suited to systematic searching. This tutorial demonstrates the basic methods and offers some tips to streamline the process.

Literature Review - Keys to a successful search

This video demonstrates how to use SPORTDiscus to do a literature review search. The techniques shown can be transferred to CINAHL. 

OVID Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews

OVID EBMR Tutorial (5:49)

Basic Search (5:46) 

This tutorial shows how to use OVID's Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews.

Note that the search techniques shown here will work for OVID Medline as well. 

EndNote Removing Duplicate References

Removing Duplicate References - a brief tutorial (1:45) vimeo
Note that while the colour scheme of EndNote has changed since this video was created, the procedure for removing duplicates is the same.

Removing Duplicate References while Maintaining Original Groups - (Tucker Medical Library)

Systematic Reviews & Literature Reviews

Creating a successful literature review or systematic review requires a careful methodical approach. For details and guidance on setting up a systematic review, see the Systematic Review page.