A collection of resources for faculty and undergraduate and graduate nursing students.

Search Skills: Articles

To locate articles, you'll want to use CINAHL (or a similar health-specific database) and search systematically as demonstrated in class. Watch the following video (focus on the segment from 3:20 - 4:03) for a reminder for how to search for a topic by combining keyword searches using AND and OR.

Advanced Search Options

Explains some of the less-used advanced search options.

Advanced Search (6:15) 

The Advanced Search tutorial covers the following:

  • Advanced keyword search options
  • Truncation
  • Limiting searches

Search Skills: Grey Literature

To find useful information on the web, remember that you can specify where you want to look for information by using the site: command (eg. site: or and by limiting your results to a particular format using the filetype: command (eg. filetype:PDF).

See the Grey Literature guide for more detailed help.