A collection of resources for faculty and undergraduate and graduate nursing students.


*Journals contain collections of articles. If you know the title of an article and the journal in which it's found, do a search for the journal title in the Journal Finder tab on the main library page.

This will tell you:

  1. Whether the library has access to the journal
  2. Which years we have, and
  3. Which format it's in (electronic, print, or microform).

For more help, see the tutorial -- Access an electronic journal article if you have the reference. (1:10)   vimeo

How to Search for Nursing-related Articles

The Search Tutorials page has video tutorials that show how to search nursing-related databases.

For tutorials on searching other subject areas, see this page.

Accessing the full text of articles

Access full text articles

  • Via subscribed journals at TWU using Journal Finder to search for a specific journal title.
  • Via the internet using Google Scholar (searches the internet and TWU databases). Tip: If you know the title of an article, use Google Scholar through the TWU library website to search for the full text. Copy and paste the title in quotation marks in Google Scholar and if the library has the full text, GS will link to it. For an example of how this works see this tutorial on Google Scholar.
  • Via other online libraries for nursing and health:

Exporting search results from databases

See the information in the EndNote guide for how to export citations from various databases.