A collection of resources for faculty and undergraduate and graduate nursing students.

CINAHL Subject Heading Search

CINAHL Headings (6:05) 
This tutorial shows how to use CINAHL Headings. CINAHL Headings are descriptive tags that medical librarians have attached to articles indexed in CINAHL. They search for articles about the concept we are searching for, rather than occurrences of keywords. CINAHL Headings are based on MeSH (Medical Subject Headings), but contains more nursing and allied-health related terms in addition to the MeSH terms.In EBSCOhost, the method for searching MeSH is identical to that for searching CINAHL Headings. 

Doing a Quick Search with CINAHL Headings (2:08)

Occasionally we want to do a quick search to pick up a couple of articles on a topic of interest. CINAHL Headings can help.Search using a CINAHL Heading for the main concept and then add keywords and other limiters to focus the results.

CINAHL Advanced Keyword Search

Advanced Search Options

Explains some of the less-used advanced search options.

Advanced Search (6:15) 

The Advanced Search tutorial covers the following:

  • Advanced keyword search options
  • Truncation
  • Limiting searches

Guide to using AND / OR to combine search terms

Boolean Search -- Boolean search uses AND, OR, and NOT to help focus search results. 

Searching using AND (1:29)

Searching using OR (2:40)

Searching using NOT (3:23)