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Advanced Searching Workshop

All of the worksheets are available through Moodle.

To access the slides, go to Lesson 4 in the collaboration space.

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JBI Critical Appraisal Tools - Checklists


JBI Reviewer's Manual

See the Appendices in each chapter for checklists for each tool.

Download PDF version of the current version 2020


PRISMA (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses) is an evidence-based minimum set of items for reporting in systematic reviews and meta-analyses.

PRISMA Statement

You can find information about the PRISMA checklist and flow diagram directly from the PRISMA website.

Looking for a copy of the checklist or the flow diagram?

Follow these links to download a copy of the checklist here, or get a copy of the flow diagram here.

Using Rayyan for Systematic Reviews

The literature review in N520 requires students to use Rayyan to screen (organize and review) journal articles.

Sign up

Sign up for a Rayyan account using your choice of email and password (you will not already have an account linked to your TWU credentials, and you can choose to use your Trinity or personal emails). Make sure to click the link for the free membership in "to continue as free, click here" (shown in the screenshot below).



Set up


Make labels to track each round of the screening process:

  • ti/ab screen

  • not retrieved

  • fulltext screen

Each article must be labelled, and must have only ONE label to prevent double-counting.

Exclusion reasons

Look at the stock exclusion reasons and see if you need to add anything based on your particular question. Use these reasons to explain why articles are not included in your final set.



Get help

Watch the Rayyan Systematic Review Tutorial to get started.

Use the help centre's articles for specific guidance:

Also see this excellent libguide from McGill on using Rayyan for systematic reviews.