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The Kouwenberg C.S. Lewis and Friends Collection


Stay tuned for 2023 events.


October 1, 2022: Opening Reception of The Rev. Dr. Hans and Colleen Kouwenberg C.S. Lewis and Friends Collection

October 19, 2022: “C.S. Lewis: Nordic Myth and Wagner’s The Ring of the Nibelung.” UFV Professor Ron Dart

November 16, 2022: “C.S. Lewis & The Great Divorce.” TWU Alum and UBC Ph.D. student Richard Bergen

September 21, 2022: Book talk, "Letters to Annie: A Grandmother’s Dreams of Fairy Tale Princesses, Princes, & Happily Ever.” Dr. Monika Hilder.

March 21, 2022: Book talk, “Borderlands: The Art and Scholarship of Louise Imogen Guiney + Links with Tolkien, Politics, & the Heroic.” Drs. Holly Faith Nelson and Jonathan Nauman (Boston).

January 24, 2022: "Roger Lancelyn Green: Orphaned Inkling.” Professor Ron Dart, UFV Professor 

November 15, 2021: “Dorothy L. Sayers, ‘The Other Six Deadly Sins.’” Professor Jan Lermitte

October 21, 2021: “Media and Myth: The Inklings and the Digital World.” Dr. Kevin Schut

August 24, 2021: “Dr. Hans & Colleen Kouwenberg Collection, C. S. Lewis and Friends.” Dr. Monika Hilder. Norma

March 8, 2021: “Under the Moon’s Healing Influence: Women's Health in George MacDonald's Fairy Tales and Short Stories.” UBC Ph.D student Ms. Ariel Little withcommentator UVIC Professor Dr. Lisa Surridge

November 9, 2020: “Celebrating Creative Writing in Community.” Dr. Monika Hilder, English Dept. students Aurora Sarchet (alum) and Bret Van Den Brink

January 30, 2020: “Dorothy L. Sayers on Work: ‘The Thing One Lives to Do.’" Professor Jan Lermitte