Southeast Asia by Tobias Mayer 1748
Wikimedia Commons. Public Domain
  • Asia (Primary Sources from University of Washington) - UW has published three heterogeneous collections of documents: East Asia, South Asia, and South-east Asia. Some of the link titles are helpfully descriptive, but others that are not (e.g. the Furer-Haimendorf Collection) give you a short description of content when you mouse-over it.
  • Digital South Asia Library - Only parts of this site will interest students of colonial-Indian history: under the Reference Resources tab > Reference Books see the early 20th century Gazetteer of India; and under the Statistics tab > Historical Data see statistical abstracts
  • East-Asian History Sourcebook (Fordham University) - Documents from China, Japan, and Korea.
  • Harappa Collection - Two collections: the ancient Indus Valley Civilization, and the period of the Raj (19th & 20th centuries): archaeological images of the former, and maps, photos, prints, postcards, and newsreels of the latter. 
  • Hong Kong and the West Until 1860 - English language accounts of western visitors and settlers to the region. Contains several hundred pages of images and text; searchable by author, title, or keyword.
  • Hong Kong Government Reports - Four government publications covering the period 1842-1941. You can keyword search from this page, or browse by choosing the "Table of Contents" link on the sidebar.
  • Indian History Sourcebook (Fordham University)
  • Missionary Documents and Records - Relates to Missions in China (19th-20th Century)



File:Debes 1888 Afrika.jpg
 Political Map of Colonial Africa (German, 1888)
 Wikimedia Commons. Public Domain
  • African National Congress - The ANC’s organizational website includes a “Documents” tab with selected resources.
  • African Online Digital Library - The AODL is a 'portal' to multiple collections of documentary resources in a variety of media formats.
  • BlackPast - Three collections of African & African-American documents. 
  • East African Photographs - The Humphrey Winterton collection of about 7600 images depicts many elements of life in Africa between 1860 & 1960: landscape, urban & rural life, railroads, landscape, native African life, and European life in Africa. 
  • Genocide Archive of Rwanda
  • History : Africa: Primary Sources - From Libraries, University of Washington.
  • Images of Colonialism - A fine set of several hundred trade cards and illustrated European newspaper pages that give a visual account of European contact with Africa and Asia. Less useful if you are looking for text documents.
  • Internet African History Sourcebook (Fordham University) - Primary sources from ancient, medieval, and modern periods
  • Kenya Gazette 1906-2011 - Available through Google Books: choose a date range, then advance through the period using the scroll bar under the thumbnails.
  • Liberian Letters - Collection of fifty-one personal letters from the mid-nineteenth century. (University of Virginia)
File:King Mokoko of Téké 1905.jpg
1905 postcard from the French Congo titled:
"Passage du Chef Makoko a Brazzaville"
Wikimedia Commons from the collection of J. Audema.
Public Domain
  • Livingstone Online - Manuscripts of British misssionary and African explorer David Livingstone (1813-1873).
  • Sudan Archive (at Durham University) - This collection holds documents on British involvement in the Sudan from 1898-1955. Reports, staff lists, and ‘gazettes’ are viewable online (but the site also lists many sources that Durham holds only as print documents, so they are not available to you). Browse using the “Sudan Archive” sidebar.
  • TIMEA (Travels in the Middle East Archive) - A source of social and cultural history, the site documents the record of travellers to (mainly) Egypt in the 19th & early-20th centuries. Use the “Search Within This Community” link, or browse sidebar under “This Community” for drawings, illustrations, photos, and text.

Primary Documents in Print: Asia

Here are some examples of collections of primary documents in Asian history that are available in the library:
Chinese Civilization: a Sourcebook
DS721 .C517 1993
Documents of Korean Communism 1918-1948
HX415.5.A6 S88
Encounter with Disaster: a Medical Diary of Hiroshima 1945
RA645.7.J3 L5 1970
English Factories in India: a Calendar of Documents in the India Office 1630-1664
TWU eBook (4v) 
Gandhi Reader
DS 481.G3 A3 1989
History of British India
DS 463.M64 1975
Japan’s Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere in WW II
DS518.J38 1975
Japanese Military Administration in Indonesia: Selected Documents
DS643.5.J375 1965
Journal of His Second Embassy to the Court of Ava in 1802
DS 527.5.S96 1955 (Burma)
Kamikaze Diaries: Reflections of Japanese Student Soldiers
D792.J3 O265 2006
Malaysia: Selected Historical Readings
DS596.M33 1966
Mao Tse-tung and Lin Piao: Post-Revolutionary Writings
DS 778.M3 M23765 1972
Mohandas Gandhi Essential Writings
DS 481.G3 A25 2002
Occupation-era Correspondence of Kichisaburo Nomura 
TWU eBook
Pacific War Papers: Japanese Documents of WWII
D777 .P33 2004
Robert Hart and China's Early Modernization: 1863-1866
TWU eBook
Selected Articles and Speeches 1920-1967 (Ho Chi Minh)
DS560.72.H6 A5 1970 
Selected Works of Mao Tsetung
DS 778.M3 A25 1961
Sources of Chinese Tradition
DS703 .D4
Sources of Japanese Tradition
DS 821.T76 1964
Stories and Sketches by Sir Frank Swettenham
DS596.63.S9 A25 1967 
The United States & India: a History Through Archives   
TWU eBook
They Were in Nanjing: the Nanjing Massacre
TWU eBook
"To save their heathen souls": China…diaries & letters
1854-58 BV3427.A1 T6 1984
Religious Policy & Practice in Communist China: a Documentary History
BL1802 .R45 1972
Tiananmen Papers 
DS 779.32.L54 2002
 tiananmen papers

Primary Documents in Print: Africa

Here are some examples of collections of primary documents in African history that are available in the library:
Africa in the Days of Exploration
DT7 .A337 1965
TWU eBook
Autobiography of Henry M. Stanley
DT351.S6 A3 1911
British Policy Towards West Africa: Select Documents 1875-1914
DT502 .B75 1971
Central and South African History
DT1009 .C64 1990
Colonial Rule in Africa: Readings from Primary Sources
DT31 .C56 1979
Correspondence of the Royal Africa Company’s Chief Merchants
HF486.R6 C67 1991
Description and Historical Account of the Gold Kingdom of Guinea
DT510.4 .M3613 1987
Documents from the African Past
DT1 .D55 2001
East Africa Through Contemporary Records
DT431 .E27 1961
Eastern African History
DT365.13 .C6579 1990
General Gordon’s Khartoum Journal
DT 156.6.G67 1963
Igbo Worlds
DT515.45.I33 I343 1978
Intellectual Traditions of Pre-colonial Africa
DT14 .I575 1998
Intellectual traditions of pre-colonial africa
Livingstone’s Private Journals 1851-1853
DT1110.L58 A3 1960
Mandela, Tambo and the African National Congress
DT1757 .M36 1991
Mind of Buganda: Documents of the Modern History of an African Kingdom
DT433.27 .L69 1971b
Origins of West African Nationalism
DT475 .W5
The African Past
DT20 .A337 1964
The Interesting Narrative (Equiano, O.)
HT869.E6 A3 1995b
Through the Dark Continent
DT 351.S83 1988
Western African History
DT470.2 .C64 1990