Borrowing at Alloway Library

Everything you need to know about borrowing Alloway Library's print and media resources

Damage to library material

Alloway Library will assess fees for material returned in damaged condition. 

Damage includes marks caused by pen, pencil, highlighter, paper-clips, folding, tearing, cutting, food, liquids, by exposure to heat, dampness, dirt, pets, small children, etc.

Ruined material are items that are damaged beyond repair and recovery and cannot be retained in the collection. This includes: damage that is obvious, pervasive or extensive to the whole item; damage which affects the condition of the item; damage which detracts from the appearance of the item.

  • The borrower is charged the current replacement cost for the material plus a $15  replacement fee for each title. 
  • The damaged copy may be released to the borrower, if desired, upon payment of all fees and/or receipt of a replacement copy.

Defaced material: A fee of $5 per item may be assessed for items that have slight or easily reparable damage, where the damage is noticeable but not distracting such as slight stains, marks or warping and limited to a few pages. A fee may also be assessed when the material is returned with multiple bookmarks or sticky notes.

If you feel that you have been charged an inappropriate fee, you may make an appeal. Fill in an Fee Appeal form at the library and our staff will review your case.

Thank you!

With your care, library resources may last for generations of users.