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Borrowing at Alloway Library: Due Dates & Renewals

Everything you need to know about borrowing Alloway Library's print and media resources

24/7 Returns at Alloway Library

There is an after-hours return slot at the front entry to Alloway Library. You can return material there anytime that the library is closed. When the library is open, drop your material into the return slot at the far end of the main circulation counter.

What is the standard loan period?

Most of the items that we lend at Alloway Library have a 21-day loan period and, most of the time, most users can renew material up to 4 times.

However, if someone else wants an item that is already on loan, the current borrower will be unable to renew the item. In some cases we will request that the material be returned sooner than the due date given at the time of check out or renewal. (See Holds and Recalls for more information.)

Our faculty have longer loan periods for most books but fewer online renewals.

If your library privileges are expiring soon, the loan period will be shortened to match the privilege expiry date.

Forgot your due date?   Check online. Use the My Account link at the library webpage and  your ID card barcode to see what you have currently borrowed. 
We will email you a reminder about 3 days before the due date.


What happens if my material is overdue or lost?

First, the good news: Alloway Library has very low overdue fine rates - just 20 cents/day, we don't collect fines under $1 and, we cap the fines at $20 per item.  

We will send you one due date reminder before the material is due and two reminders after the due date has passed. Alloway Library also provides paper due date reminders for your convenience at the time of check-out. Overdue reminders are sent as a courtesy to patrons and it is the patron’s responsibility to know when borrowed material is due. 

If our records show that the material hasn't been renewed or returned, our system will assume that the material is lost and will send a bill for the cost of replacing the material. Replacement costs tend to be higher than any overdue fine, so it's always best to return library material anytime. If  you have paid for lost material and then find it, we will refund what you paid, less whatever fines are due.

If you have library material that has been really lost or stolen you will need to pay for that material.

Please pay fines and fees promptly. Borrowing privileges are blocked:

  • when more than $20 is owing to Alloway Library
  • when a fee of any amount remains unpaid after 30 days.
  • when 6 items are overdue
  • after two items are assumed or declared lost

Alloway Library may place a hold on a student’s account which could prevent the release of grades, course registration or even graduation until outstanding charges are resolved.

If you feel that you have been charged an inappropriate fee, you may make an appeal. Fill in an Fine Appeal form at the library and our staff will review your case.
Fines may not be appealed on the basis of good intentions, ignorance of library policies, forgetfulness or failure to receive notification 


How to renew material

There are many ways to renew material you have borrowed, but there are limits to the number of times you can renew material.

  1. Online. Use the Renew Materials link at the library webpage and  your ID card barcode to log in your account; select the material you want to renew, click the Renew Selected Items button and watch for the confirmation with your new due date; if your material cannot be renewed the message will explain why.  Our system will allow up to four online renewals. Feel free to contact us if you need further assistance.
  2. At Alloway Library.  Staff at the Information and Services counter will be glad to renew material for you. You do not need to bring the material with you to the library, unless you have already reached the renewal limit. Our system will allow up to four unseen renewals - renewals when the material is not present - and staff can provide additional renewals if the material is present. 
  3. By contacting us. Phone or email the circulation service department for assistance.Our system will allow up to four unseen renewals - renewals when the material is not present. 
On-Line Account Access

Using the barcode number on your library card and the My Account link at allows you to:

  • see the due date for material you currently have out
  • renew material
  • see the status of Holds you have made

Renewal limits

Type of Item Number of renewals, if not requested.
Books and Media Collection Items

4 for all users except faculty

1 for faculty

Curriculum Collection Resources

1 for Undergrads

0 for all others

For renewals beyond the limit, please bring the material to the library so that staff can renew the material.