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Education Resources

This research guide contains information for education students and faculty about the resources available through the library.

Social Studies

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada Kids Stop The Kids Stop site sponsored through AANDC provides historical and current information on First Nations people and culture. Web links are provided to resources for students and teachers.

Agriculture in the Classroom British Columbia Agriculture in the Classroom provides classroom ready resource materials and activities on the agri-food system that can be integrated into existing school curriculum. It also provides information on the new School Fruit and Vegetable Snack Program.

Atlas of Canada The Atlas of Canada Web site provides the most interesting, dynamic and comprehensive collection of maps and related information about Canada available anywhere on the Internet, with effective and intuitive tools for users to access them. The Explore Our Maps section has interactive maps about subjects such as environment, people and society, the economy and history. Issues important to Canadians such as climate change, freshwater and health are introduced as collections of maps and analytical texts.

Black Freedom Struggle in the US Explore the new Black Freedom Struggle website, featuring expertly selected open primary source documents. Find historical newspaper articles, pamphlets, diaries, correspondence and more from specific time periods in U.S. history marked by the opposition African Americans have faced on the road to freedom. This resource supports students, from middle school through college, as well as independent researchers and anyone interested in learning more about the ongoing Black Freedom Struggle. Educators and students may use this material to learn/teach on a specific topic or person, and to introduce students to using primary sources and to help novice researchers develop essential critical thinking and information literary skills. 

British Columbia Social Studies Teacher Association The BCSSTA is a professional specialist association of the BCTF. This website provides links to resources available to Social Studies teachers to enhance teaching and professional development.

British Council Schools Online British Council Schools Online supports and accredits collaboration between schools and advocates global citizenship for young people worldwide. International links may include fun and friendship, but they can also develop critical thinking skills, a broader outlook, higher motivation for learning and a determination to make a difference and a better future for the world.

British Library:  Mapping History This project enables access to a number of maps from the British Library's unique collection and the associated investigations and activities invite pupils and teachers to look more closely at what the maps show and what they represent.

Canadian Heritage Canadian Heritage is responsible for national policies and programs that promote Canadian content, foster cultural participation, active citizenship and participation in Canada's civic life, and strengthen connections among Canadians.

Canadian Museum of History Teacher link provides online resources and virtual activities to support teaching and learning in the classroom. 

Census at School Census at School is an international classroom project for students aged 8 to 18. Students complete a brief online survey, analyze results and compare themselves with students in Canada and other countries. Learning activities are directed at specific grade levels.

The Critical Thinking Consortium  Online resources to support elementary and secondary students in using historical thinking and inquiry.

Eye Witness to History Your ringside seat to history - from the Ancient World to the present. History through the eyes of those who lived it, presented by Ibis Communications Inc. a digital publisher of educational programming.

Fairytale Ethics What better way to spark a spirited classroom debate on ethics than by exploring the complex messages often found in fairy tales?

FFFBI International The Fin, Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation uses humor and storytelling to help children ages 8-13 learn about places and cultures around the globe. Through this site students conduct entertaining investigations with backdrops from contemporary global culture; learn to share the goals of the Fin, Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation as they read, write and think, while fighting for Truth, Justice, and stuff like that. Also provided is a wide variety of activities to encourage language arts, math, science, and research skills for kids 8-12. Teachers are welcome to use images from the logos page.

Global Classroom Initiative (CIDA) Provides lesson plans and activities for global development themes such as the impact of poverty, AIDS, malaria, gender inequalities, land use, water concerns, education, war and conflict. These themes are often addressed using stories of peers in developing countries, using Kenya as a specific example. Students will carry out a variety of activities that will lead to a greater understanding of their roles and responsibilities as global citizens.

Historica Historica's role is to help all Canadians come to know the fascinating stories that make our country unique. This site provides Canadian resources and links for teachers and students.

HistoryWorld Historyworld's aim is to make world history more easily accessible through interactive narratives and timelines. Written by Bamber Gascoigne, it consists of about 300 narratives and some 10,000 events on searchable timelines.

Learn About Parliament  provides reliable information about Canada’s Parliament, in a number of formats, including print, photo, video, and virtual reality that can make learning interactive and fun. The resource includes extensive content, class activities, student worksheets, teacher resources, reference materials, research publications, and opportunities to participate for grade 6-12 Social Studies classrooms. Some classroom activities emphasize complex role play and simulation assignments which provide opportunities for students to communicate, collaborate, and practice creative and critical thinking. [Focused Education Resources]

Lesson Plans and Resources for Social Studies Teachers This award winning site provides a collection of Social Studies lesson plans and resources gathered from the internet by Dr. Marty Levine, California State University.

National Council for Social Studies Social Studies educators teach students the content knowledge, intellectual skills, and civic values necessary for fulfilling the duties of citizenship in a participatory democracy. The NCSS provides leadership, service and support for social studies educators including available links and resources on this site. 

New France, New Horizons Marking the 40th anniversary of the French presence in North America (2004), France and Canada are recreating their singular adventure and sparking new interest in their shared history by making documents available online.

Parliament of Canada - Education Sponsored on the Parliament of Canada website, this segment includes teaching tools, background resources and teachers institute focusing on the role of parliament and government.

Proud Canadian Kids Who are the Proud Canadian Kids? They are the youth of Canada who realize that their nation is great, that The True North is a wonderful land to call home! Proud Canadian Kids are different from other kids. Their identity is unique. This website provides Canadian links suitable for Grades 2-8 students and older.

Social Studies School Service This Web site provides a searchable online database containing all the products provided through Social Studies School Service, as well as sample lessons for activity books, RealVideo previews and classroom-ready Web-based activities.  Links to other sites across the Web are edited especially for Social Studies educators

Social Studies Sources This page is designed for K-12 social studies teachers and students. It also has information and topics that are useful to pre-service social studies instructors and students.

Teachers Guide to the Holocaust An overview of the people and events of the Holocaust through photographs, documents, art, music, movies and literature.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum The USHMM site offers an Education link which provides educators with information for teaching about the holocaust; as well as student information. Caution: Pictures on this site are very graphic.

The Vimy Foundation Inspired by the heroic victory of the Canadian Forces at Vimy Ridge, the Vimy Foundation believes that the key to a successful future lies in knowing one’s past, and that the remarkable story of Vimy should be shared with young people from across the country.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS:      Descriptions are compiled from information provided within the sites.