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Business: Grey Literature Domain Searching

Domain Searching

  1. One way to limit the number of search results in a grey literature search is to choose domains that are likely to have the information you're looking for. This is particularly useful for searching governmental, educational, or organizational sites. 
  2. Choose the domains that you think might be useful for your search from the table below (or search for others).
  3. Go to Google Advanced search.
  4. Use the suggestions below to structure your search.
  5. Track search results using the Internet Grey Literature Search Template (.docx)







.gov (federal – for state governments – put the state abbreviation in front of .gov)



New Zealand




Canada (federal) (provincial – replace "bc" with the province's postal abbreviation, e.g., "ab" for Alberta)

Grey literature search1

Grey literature search 2

Grey literature search3

Grey literature search4

Grey literature search5