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UNIV 110 TW: Scholarly Inquiry and Research Methods (by QZ): Presentations and URLs

URLs and Lecture Slides

There are more links below than will be used as assigned reading or viewing for each lesson.  You may, however, find them quite helpful in pursuing the course and doing research.

For prezi presentations, put in full screen and use the arrow keys at the bottom to navigate.  


Presentation URLs

Information Literacy: Why is it important? - Video by EasternGatewayCCTS

What is Scholarship?  - Prezi presentation by Bill Badke (TWU Library)

What is Scholarship?  - Prezi presentation with audio by Bill Badke

Things We (Might) Believe About University Research - Prezi presentation by Bill Badke 

Information in the Academy - Prezi presentation by Bill Badke

Understanding the Information Cycle - Video by UIUC University Library

Grey Literature - Video by Western Libraries


Lecture Slides

Presentation URLs

Creating Research Questions - Prezi Presentation by Bill Badke (TWU Library)

Research Model Presentation - Google Slides by TWU Library

Information Search - Video by Duncan Dixon (TWU Library)

Picking Your Topic IS Research - Video by NCSU Libraries

One Perfect Source? - Video by NCSU Libraries

Creating preliminary outlines - Prezi presentation by Bill Badke

Anatomy of a Research Article - Webpage by NCSU Libraries

Reading an Academic Article - Video by UBC iSchool

Should I be using Google or the Library resources for a paper? - Video by Ronald Williams Library, Northeastern Illinois University

An interactive tutorial on scholarly vs. popular; by New Literacies Alliance

The Peer Review process - Video by Western Libraries

Quick guide to peer review - Video by NCSU Libraries

Writing a Literature Review and Using a Synthesis Matrix - a web document by North Carolina State University Writing and Speaking Tutorial Service


Lecture Slides

Presentation URLs - Prezi presentation on keywords vs. subject headings - A couple of ways to find subject headings in the library catalog. - Metadata, an explanation  - How to search for books in the TWU library catalog - Basics of Boolean searching
On the risks of keyword searching - Amusing YouTube video - Deciphering citations: A Guide
Guides to using WorldCat to format book citations:  - How to create formatted individual citations for books in WorldCat - Introductory guide to EndNote
Benefits of Using Citation Management Tools - YouTube video by Western Libraries 
Citation formatting guides by Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL): APAMLATurabian/Chicago
Lecture Slides

Presentation URLs

Tutorials for specific article databases:

Boolean Operators: Pirates vs. Ninjas video tutorial

Citation Tools:

  • Google Scholar (Click on More and then on Cite below each citation)
  • Citation Machine: (Choose format, then scroll down and click on "Journal."  Input title and perhaps one author last name for the article you want to cite.  Note that you always have to check citations, especially if, in APA, article title words are capitalized when most should not be)

Statistics and Government Documents (not covered in class):


Lecture Slides

Presentation URLs

Source Evaluation:
Evaluating Sources using the CRAAP Test, developed by California State University, Chico.
Video Tutorials, Evaluating Sources, by Western Libraries Who wrote this?  What issues do you see? [have a look at the information at].
Hoaxes (Dihydrogen Monoxide) ("Research paper" generated by a computer program based on stock phrases)
Note Organization and Outlines: - Organizing notes for large projects

Some Writing Tools/Guides:

Doing a literature review - See Textbook, Appendix A1.3.4 

Synthesis Matrix technique for writing a literature review - North Carolina State University - Writing a book review - The Academic Phrasebank, for excellent and very user-friendly advice on the best way to use sources and write academic papers. - A research paper planner/timeline to schedule the steps of a research paper (using Badke, Research Strategies, as its basis) so that you finish on time (Dallas Baptist University).

Copyright and Plagiarism:

Lecture Slides

Subject Guide