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RES 490 K - Research & Academic Writing: Home

This is the site for a one-credit course in the Worldview Studies (Korean) program at Associated Canadian Theological Schools.

Welcome to the course

Welcome to RES 490 K.  In this course you will learn about the library of Trinity Western University, about the nature of western education and critical thinking, and about the main features you need to include in a research paper.

Please contact me - Bill Badke - at if you have any questions about any part of the course.

Course Syllabus and Assignments - This tab will describe what I want to teach and will give you all assignments and due dates, along with further information that you need to know.  The assignments are in .rtf (rich text) format, which will open in most word processors.  Be sure to save your completed assignments in rich text as well, so that I can read them and comment on them.

To continue with the course, use the tabs at the top of the course screen. I hope this course will help you to succeed in your studies at ACTS.