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Leadership: Getting Started

Library and other resources for the study of leadership


"He who thinks he is leading and has no one following him is only taking a walk." ~ Malawian proverb

The study of leadership has its own challenges.  This guide is intended to be a one-stop doorway into resources for academic research in this subject area.

The tabs in this guide include the following:

E-Books - Reference source and information about the library's e-book collection.
Journals/Articles - Links to databases and instructions for finding key articles on leadership.
Links - Prominent websites and portals for leadership.
Grey Literature - Material of high quality but not published by standard publications.

Writing & Citing 
Getting help - How to get reseach help from the library, in person or online.

Guides to the Library's Search Tools

Chat with a Librarian (from TWU or other BC university)

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