Printing, Scanning, and Copying at Alloway Library

This Guide tells you what you need to know about printing, scanning and photocopying at Alloway Library

Photocpopying at Alloway Library

The library has two photocopier/scanners. One each on the Main level (near computers) and Upper level (near the elevator).

The multifunction printer on the library's main level makes black and white photocopies. Read the screen to get started, or contact Borrower Services staff for assistance

  • Versatile machine with many functions and features. 
  • Colour copying is not available. Instead, make a colour scan then print the scan.
  • Use coins or your PaperCut account at the Paystation to pay for copies; $5 and $10 top-up cards can be purchased at the Borrower Services counter.
  • Borrower Services staff can make change for small bills.
  • Stocked with letter, legal and ledger/tabloid size paper.
  • If you want to use your own paper, ensure that your paper is compatible with the photocopier and use the selection panel to select the appropriate paper type, size and source.