Printing, Scanning, and Copying at Alloway Library

This Guide tells you what you need to know about printing, scanning and photocopying at Alloway Library

Printing From a Library Workstation

As a TWU student (or employee logged in to trinet) you can print from any public workstation as long as there is enough money in your PaperCut account. 

  • When you are ready to print, just select the print option for the software you are using, and make your choices on the Print menu.
  • Select the LibLearn-Student printer for monochrome (black on white) or colour printing.
    • LibLearn-Student  is stocked with letter-size (8.5"x11") legal size (8.5" x 14") and ledger/tabloid size (8.5" 17") paper only. No other sizes, such as A4 or ledger size is available.
    • If you want to use your own paper, use the Print menu to set up your selection.  Ensure that your paper is compatible with library printers.

What does it cost?

Students pay: 

  • For single-sided black on white printing: 8 cents per page
  • For Double-sided black on white printing: 8 cents per side
  • For colour printing on letter size paper: 20 cents per page
  • For colour printing on ledger and legal size paper: 30 cents per page
  • Double sided colour printing is not discounted.
  • No discount for providing your own paper.

Printing Procedures & Copyright Guidelines

Wireless Printing Using Your Device

Students can send documents from anywhere on campus to the printer at Alloway Library.

  1. First, connect to TWU wifi. (Not TWUGuest nor TWUStaff.)
  2. You will need to have the PaperCut Mobility Print app for your device installed from TWIT at
  3. Open the content you want to print. Different devices have different steps which include:
  • Select the LibLearn-Student printer
  • Enter your TWU username and password
  • Select print menu options
  • Print

Your PaperCut account will be debited and your printed material will be waiting for you at the printer in Alloway Library and Learning Commons.

Printing Problems

If your PaperCount is deducted, but no prints are produced:

  1. Check the printer
    • Does it need paper? Contact Borrower Services staff.
  2. Check your print settings
    • which printer was selected? It should be LibLearn-Student?
    • How big is your file? Big files sometimes take time.
  3. Check your colleagues
    • Perhaps someone picked up your job with theirs?
  4. Make a Helpdesk request to ask for a refund to your PaperCut account
    • be sure to include the details like date and time.
  5. Speak to Borrower Services staff.for further assistance

Printing for Visitors

Access to the printer is not available to visitors including alumni and community users.

Your PaperCut Account

As a student or employee you have a PaperCut print account set up when you start at TWU

The first time you log in, your account will read: $0.00, but you can print until the balance reaches -$4.96 (approximately). At this point, you will need to add more money to your account, or stop printing.

To add money, use a credit card online through the PaperCut interface, or use cash to  purchase a $5.00 or $10.00 Top Up card from the Borrower Services Counter or use coins at the Paystation beside the Print Station on the Main level of the library.

Note that first  $5.00 in your account is a one-time only credit. Accounts are not refilled at the beginning of a term or school year. 

Printing Tips

  1. Documents that are sent as attachments by e-mail or which are accessed using a browser, must be downloaded and opened in the appropriate program on the computer before they can be printed. 
  2. When transferring documents from other computers to the library computers for printing, it's always a good idea to save them as PDF files on the computer that created them. That will help to reduce problems of font substitutions reformatting a document, if the font is not available on the library computers.
  3. Documents created in Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator, should be saved as PDFs before sending them to the printer. That allows you to preview the document and ensure that everything appears right before printing.