Political Studies

Internet Resources on the Constitution

  • Government of Canada - Access to all parts of the constitution are available here. See also: http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/const/
  • CanLII (Canadian Legal Information Institute) - CanLII is a very substantial site that offers free legal information and research. The link above is a digest of charter of rights court decisions, along with the comments of Graham Garton, Q.C. 
  • CBC Digital Archives - Under the “Categories” tab choose “Politics”, then subcategory “The Constitution”. Watch or listen to clips on the constitution from the CBC archives.
  • Centre for Constitutional Studies The CCS at the Unievrsity of Alberta was founded to “encourage and facilitate the interdisciplinary study of constitutional matters”. See “The Constitution” tab. Under “Publications” you can also make use of their open-access journals: The Review of Constitutional Studies and Constitutional Forum’ 
  • David Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights The DACCR at the University of Toronto is “devoted to advocacy, research and education in the areas of constitutional rights in Canada”. The “Resources” and the “Constitutional Cases” tabs might be of most use to you.
  • PrimaryDocuments - Database of historical documents related to the drafting and adoption of the Canadian Constitution. Use the tabs to search by “Dates”, “Keywords”, or Author”.

E-Books on the Constitution

Here are a few titles of e-books. 


Print Books on the Constitution

Here are titles from some of the print books in the library collection. Call numbers are included so you can locate them in the stacks.

Romanow, R. J., Whyte, J. D., & Leeson, H. A. (1984). Canada – Notwithstanding: the Making of the Constitution 1976-1982. Carswell/Methuen.    KE4199 .R66 1984

Funston, B. W., & Meehan, E. (1994). Canada's Constitutional Law in a Nutshell. Carswell.    KE4219 .F85 1994

Funston, B. W., & Meehan, E. (1994). Canadian Constitutional Documents Consolidated. Carswell   KE4165 1994

MacIvor, H. (2006). Canadian Politics and Government in the Charter. Thomas Nelson Era    KE4381.5 .M234 2006

Greene, I. (1989). The Charter of Rights. J. Lorimer.   KE4381.5 .G74 1989

Mandel, M. (1994).  The Charter of Rights & the Legalization of Politics in Canada. Thompson Educational Pub.    KE4381.5 .M36 1994

Knopff, R., & Morton, F. L. (1992). Charter Politics. Nelson Canada.    KE4381.5 .K56 1992

Morton, F. L., & Knopff, R. (2000). The Charter Revolution and the Court Party. Broadview Press.     KE4381.5 .M67 2000

Consensus Report on the Constitution: Charlottetown, August 28, 1992: Final Text. (1992).   KE4228 .C66 1992bF

The Constitution and You. (1982). Government of Canada.    KE4219 .C67 1982

Magnet, J. E., & Magnet, J. E. (1984). Constitutional Law of Canada : Cases, Notes and Materials : First Supplement. Carswell. KE4216.3 .M33 1983 Suppl.

Conklin, W. E. (1993). Images of a constitution. University of Toronto Press.   KE4219 .C66 1993

Langford, J. S. (1982). The Law of your land : A Practical Guide to the New Canadian Constitution. CBC Enterprises.    KE4219 .L39124 1982

Saywell, J., & Vegh, G. (1991). Making the Law : The Courts and the Constitution. Copp Clark Pitman.   KE4219 .M3544 1991

Abel, A. S. (1980). Towards a Constitutional Charter for Canada. University of Toronto Press.   KE4219 .A74 1980


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