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Resources for researchers in Biology.

Library OneSearch

library onesearch

Library OneSearch, searches most of our major information sources (databases) at the same time. It's the best place to begin your searching. 

Choose Advanced Search and follow the instructions given in the example search, but using your own search terms.

If you decide to search individual science databases, see the instructions below and in the column to the right for some tips.

Science Databases (Articles)


  • Use singular form of nouns; it will add plural endings.
  • Create exact match searches by using {curly brackets} and loose phrase searches with "double quotation marks" (NOTE: you must use "straight" quotation marks and will need to turn off "smart" quotation marks in Word's AutoCorrect, if you're copying and pasting from a Word document).
  • Use Topics to limit the search, e.g., food safety.
  • Need to create a login before you can access search history.
  • Export - Download .ris file and import into EndNote.

JSTOR [Journal Storage]

  • Is a retrospective collection of journals, so you won't get the newest information – important to note if you're looking for cutting-edge research.
  • It's a full text search, so you'll get many results that are off topic.
  • Use "double quotation marks" to do a phrase search.
  • Search using the most specific terms you have.
  • One concept in each search box. It is possible to use more than one concept in a search box joined by OR, e.g., GMO OR "genetically modified food" but JSTOR doesn't handle long complex search strings well.
  • Limit to English, articles, relevant disciplines
  • Export – Download as .ris file and import into EndNote.
  • Alternate JSTOR Search Option: 
    • Go to Google Scholar through the library homepage.
    • Enter JSTOR in the search box.
    • Add your other search terms.
    • Perform a Google Scholar search.
    • All the results should be from JSTOR.

Interdisciplinary Databases (Articles)

Academic Search Complete (EBSCO) | Search tutorial for Academic Search Complete (3:26) 

  • Uses a similar search string as for Science Citation Index (WoS).
  • A multi-disciplinary database, so good if you're doing cross-disciplinary research.
  • Export - directly to EndNote Web.

Wiley Online Library | Search tutorial for Wiley Online Library (4:11)

  • A multi-disciplinary database, so good if you're doing cross-disciplinary research.
  • You can limit the search terms to title, abstract, full text.
  • No phrase searching
  • Export 
    • Check box next to item
    • Export Citation
    • Format: Reference Manager (.ris)
    • Download & import .ris file into EndNote