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What's On This Page?

Educational search engines that focus on research-oriented resources.

Use them to avoid the commercial and entertainment debris that surfaces in general search engines.

Image from Wikimedia courtesy of Rama.
No changes made. CC License (France).

Educational Search Engines


Try one of the the search engines below. They have been mediated (to some degree) to exclude non-educational sources. Keep in mind that these are multidisciplinary sites, not limited only to economics.

And, think of them as starting points - for real academic research you will need to go to the "Find Books" and "Find Articles" tabs in this guide.


A scholarly index of sites selected by teachers and librarians. From the homepage you can select and limit your search to other multidisciplinary web portals.


A multidisciplinary directory of resources. Scroll through the alphabetical list of topics, or use the search box using names or keywords.


"Editors" gather reports from government, think-tanks, NGOs, and research institutes that are not usually accessed by commercial search engines. By subscribing you can receive the DocuTicker newsletter and updates.

Economics A-Z

Definitions of economic terms from the Economist news magazine. Good, short definitions of common terms, but far from exhaustive in coverage.

The "Encyclopedia" page of defines a couple of hundred important economic terms. See also the "Databases" link in the sidebar for economic data series going back to the 18th century; and also the "How Much is That?" link for histrical data sets.

EH is owned and maintained by the Economic History Association.


Feels just like Google Scholar in operation, but uses a customized algorithm to find only free (open access) articles, theses, patents, & posters. Strong in the physical & life sciences, but also very useful for social sciences and humanities.

Google Scholar

This version of Google Scholar accesses TWU library's academic materials (you'll need to log in using your TWU username and password) as well as many open access (free) publications. Not the best place to start your research, but still useful.


An academic webpage that accesses sites chosen by educators.

File:Adam Smith The Muir portrait.jpg

">"It is not from the benevolence of the butcher,
but from their regard to their own interest.
We address ourselves, not to their humanity
but to their self-love..." 
Adam Smith in "Works and Correspondence"
Wikimedia Commons: Public Domain


Created by educators as a “search engine for...students” this useful site contains a wealth of data across many disciplines.


iSeek is not an exclusively academic search engine, but it has an effective way of dealing with natural language searching that produces decently relevant results.


A multidisciplinary site where you can “search millions of academic articles, chapters, and theses".

Library of Economics and Liberty

EconLib is maintained through a private, educational foundation. It is a well-organized and regularly updated site that contains a variety of resources - articles, columns, videos, classic economics books, essays, and the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics. A high quality, comprehensive, and manageable resource.

See a related site: the Online Library of Liberty. It is strongest on economics and political studies. Use tabs to navigate.

Reference Repository

Multidisciplinary resource for finding journal articles and research papers. Use the “Search” tab for options. The “Go to journal issue” links you to external resources. You need to “Register” to make use of all the benefits of the site.

File:Electricity consumption per country map.PNG

Map of World Electrical Consumption
Cia World Factbook 2006
Wikimedia Commons. No changes. CC License


With the huge search engines academic information is often “lost in a muddle of sponsored links”, so Refseek aims to make scholarly resources accessible and visible.


An educational engine that searches only 35,000 web sites approved by its administrators.

VirtualLRC (Learning Resources Center)

A multidisciplinary site that indexes academic webpages selected by teachers and librarians.