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Source for this Guide

Adapted, with permission, from the guide produced by British Columbia Institute of Technology

About ICIS

ICIS is the Integrated Cadastral Information Society which was developed to share geospatial data.

As a member of the BC Electronic Library Network (BC-ELN), TWU is an affiliate member of ICIS.

What does 'Cadastral' mean?

'Cadastral' comes from the word 'Cadastre', meaning:

"an official record of the dimensions and value of land parcels, used to record ownership and assist in calculating taxes.” [definition from ESRI GIS Dictionary].


The following is a summary of data sources available.  Look to the right for information on obtaining data files.

ICIS Cadastre

  • The data in this layer includes the best available parcel data from both Provincial and Local government sources with standardized and uniform attribution.

Integrated Cadastral Fabric (ICF)

  • Maintained by GeoBC for provincial government. For areas not covered by GeoBC, local government data is used. Not as strictly standardized as ICIS Cadastre.

Local Government Cadastral Fabric

  • Supplied to ICIS by any local government. Not standardized.

BC Assessment Fabric Layer

TRIM data (TRIM 1 and 2)

  • Terrain Resource Information Management Digital Data for the Province of BC, including positional and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) information which is available from the BC Data Distribution Service.

AddressBC Data

Canadian Wildlife Service

Agricultural Land Reserve

Health Authority Locations

Conservation Parcels

Police Jurisdictions

How Can I Get ICIS Files?

Access is limited to authorized TWU faculty, staff and students.

Due to licensing restrictions, ICIS files must be downloaded for TWU users by the Library.

Please email requests, using your authorized TWU e-mail address, to ​ and allow a week for delivery. 

How can I use ICIS files?

The ICIS data may be used for educational and research purposes only. No commercial use is allowed. For full details please see the licensing agreement.