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International Studies: European Studies

International Studies is an interdisciplinary program that combines courses in Political Studies, History, Economics, and other relevant disciplines.

European Studies blogs

Ideas on Europe

Ideas on Europe is a blog hosting service which provides an independent forum for informed analysis, comment and debate. Created by UACES (the academic association for contemporary European Studies) it hosts blogs by organizations and individuals actively engaged in European issues.

European Studies blog

The British Library's European Studies department collects and curates material from all over the continent – from Greece to Finland and from France to Georgia, and everywhere in between. Check out their blog written by European Studies curators and cataloguers, with occasional pieces by guest contributors.

BBC Inside Europe Blog

Blog posts from BBC journalists about current events within the European Union.

Current Newspaper sites


EUobserver is an independent online newspaper focused on all things EU related.


Eurotopics looks at the daily top issues in Europe's press and cites in German, English and French.

Independent European media site focusing on EU news and policy debates; publishes in 12 languages.

French Links

French Studio Web

Comprehensive collection of quality links. Covers France, and the francophone regions in Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, North Africa, Sub Saharan Africa, North America and the Caribbean.

Le Monde (French newspaper)

Le Figaro (French newspaper)

Libération (French newspaper)

German Links

German Studies Web

Links to German news and reference resources, libraries, bookstores and publishers, history, politics and government, fine arts, and much more.

Der Spiegel (German newspaper)