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The TWU Library for (Trinity Language College) TLC Students: Introduction to the Library

This guide shows you how to use the library and how to get help if you have problems.

Your Library Account

Welcome  to the Alloway library for ESLI/TLC students.

  1. To use the library, you'll need to be able to log in to your account. 
  2. Use your TWU username and password. It’s usually firstname.familyname and the password you were sent when you registered.
  3. If you have problems with your username and password, ask IT Services for help.

Using Others' Ideas - Plagiarism & Copyright


  • Plagiarism is using someone's ideas or words without saying where we got them. 
  • For more information, watch the brief video tutorial called Plagiarism.
  • Also see the Writing & Citing tab for more information on citing books and articles.

Copying and Copyright

  • Most of the material in the library is protected by copyright law.
  • This means the amount we can copy is limited.
  • See the Copyright tab for more information

Printing in the Library

Photocopiers/Scanners –

The library has two photocopier/scanners. One each on the:


  • Free – Scan to e-mail or USB flash drive.
  • You can scan documents and e-mail them to yourself as a PDF (default), TIFF or XPS file from either photocopier.

Regular copying:

  • $.10 per copy
  • You’ll need to buy a copy card for $1, $5 or $10 (plus a $1 refundable deposit) at Borrower Services.
  • The main level copier takes coins.

Computer Printers –

Printing costs: 

  • 6 cents per sheet 8.5 x 11 with 50% discount for double-sided printing
  • For colour printing on letter size paper : 20 cents per page
  • For colour printing on ledger and legal size paper:  30 cents per page
  • Double sided colour printing is not discounted.
  • No discount for providing your own paper.

Wireless Printing - You can print from you laptop to the printer named - wifi-liblearn-student. This PaperCut page has the instructions and apps you need.  

Printing from your TWU computer account:

  • Log in to a library computer using your TWU username and password. It’s usually firstname.familyname and the password you were sent when you registered.
  • If your username and password don't work, ask IT Services for help.
  • Your TWU computer printing account will read $0.00 when you first log in. You can print down to about -$4.91 before you’ll need to buy a Top-Up card from the Reserve Counter. They cost $5 or $10.

Computer Printing Tips

  • If possible, choose double-sided printing. It will cut your printing costs in half.
  • Check to be sure your print job is going to the correct printer. Black and white should be the default, but sometimes the computer tries to send it to the colour printer.
  • If you need help, ask at the IT Help Desk, or, for basic help at Borrower Servicesr or the Research Help Desk.
  • If the printer takes your money, but doesn’t print, e-mail
  • For more information, see:


The library and Trinity Western University are not responsible for users who violate copyright. Users are urged to follow the guidelines posted by the copiers to ensure their copying is compliant with current copyright law.

Subject Guide

Chat with a Librarian (from TWU or other BC university)

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