The Alloway Chimes

A guide to the the bells and the tunes played.

In and out of the the Alloway Campanile

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A quick tour of the Alloway Chime Campanile

The three-sided tower, designed by architect Arthur Allen in 1999, is formed by metal around an open center.

The tower stands at 50 feet (15.25 metres) and houses a chime of 15 bells behind the white lattice panels.

Looking up through the circular hatch door into the belfry

The bells hang on a frame, with the biggest, lower-pitched bells on the lower level and the smaller bells higher up. 

Looking down through the hatch (while the tower is being washed.)

Looking down the "arms" of the tower

Looking down the "arms" of the  tower.

Looking down the "arms" of the  tower.

The bronze bells were cast and tuned by the Royal Eijsbouts bell foundry in Asten, Netherlands

Bell interior

Each bell has a mechanical striker (here, pulled out for cleaning.)

After a bell is struck, it produces "overtones" that linger in the air.

Overtones of different bells can create complex and pleasing harmonies

In a poem, Alloway asked "What music lingers in the air because of our journey?"

Year-round, the Alloway Chime rings out 6 times per day.