The Alloway Chimes

A guide to the the bells and the tunes played.

The Trinity Western University Campanile was dedicated to the memory of Norma Alloway in 2007. Standing at 50 feet (15 metres), the campanile (bell tower) houses a chime of 15 musical bells created by Royal Eijsbouts of the Netherlands.

The chime ( a musical instrument of fewer than 23 bells) can be played live by using an electric keyboard. For the scheduled tunes that play daily, the bells are rung by a computer program that stores the melody as originally played.. Many of the melody programs came when the chime was installed, but since 2018 TWU students have been commissioned to create and perform arrangements of existing songs or create new tunes that are added to the chime's playlist. 

The Bible verse, You sound out the words of the Lord placed on the tower, is taken from 1st Thessalonians describing people who live lives of faith and love. At the base of the tower is a quotation from Norma Alloway asking What music lingers in the air because of our journey?

Six times a day, the Alloway Chime rings out tunes to inspire, brighten and comfort all who hear its melodies.