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Building your Research Skills

An introduction to knowledge and skills to help you become a more able researcher.

Make Sense of "Scholarly," "Academic" and "Peer Reviewed"

Scholarly vs. Popular Sources (McMaster University). (Open to full screen to view). If video does not run, go to

What is Scholarship? - Longer presentation (Open to full screen to view)

Start your Research

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Develop a Problem Statement - Research Question or Thesis

If the video fails to open, go to

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Understand Why Academic Databases are Important

Know How to Make Academic Databases Work for You

Go to for many tutorials for most of our databases. All are short (generally 5 minutes or less).

Know How to Evaluate Information

Avoid Plagiarism

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Know How to Create Citations without Writing them From Scratch

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Find out More about Misinformation / Disinformation



Fake news is about to get much worse. Here's a solution: