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Norma Marion Alloway

Norma Alloway


Norma Marion Alloway (nee Pike) was a Christian woman who communicated her love for the Lord Jesus Christ through her writings, her speaking, and through the example of her life. In her own writings, Norma stated her desire to be used as God's servant, transformed by His love, and dependent on Him – the rock of her salvation. Norma was an only child, born and raised in Toronto. Her parents evidenced a deep love for the Lord and they provided for her strong models of Christian service. Norma graduated from the University of Toronto in 1944 with a degree in English, and married Donald Miller Alloway in 1945.

Norma, the mother of 5 children, was actively involved in the lives of each one of them, seeing each child as a unique gift. She never ceased to nurture and encourage her children, and sought to bring them into a relationship with God that would enrich their lives with hope, meaning, and the source of true joy.

Norma was a woman who experienced great mountain top experiences, but also had her feet firmly planted in the trenches of life. She did not believe that life was easy for anyone and because of this, had the ability to enter into the lives of people – sharing equally in the joys and hurts. God's love was reflected in her warmth, care and concern for others, and Norma's listening ear and practical acts were the natural fruits of a strong inner faith. She touched the lives of people in all walks of life, and gave time to encourage and mentor many in their personal journeys.

Norma had an active writing career as an author and poet. In addition to writing three books, she wrote articles for numerous magazines and newspapers. In much of her writing Norma shared informal anecdotes which related a personal faith to everyday living. She was also an international traveler and speaker, and was widely known for sharing the message of the Creator in her Seashell presentations. Conchology was a lifelong hobby and her shell collection reflected the breadth of other world class collections.

Throughout her life she served actively in a wide variety of ministries, as a member of several Christian boards, participating in her local church, opening her home to children's Bible Clubs, youth groups, neighbourhood Bible studies, and visiting missionaries. She invited some church librarians to her summer home in Muskoka and out of that meeting was formed the Association for Christian Libraries. Norma hosted their first monthly meeting in Ontario.

Norma also expressed many social concerns, and was a board member of the United Nations Association working primarily in the area of Human Rights. She took particular delight in reminding senior politicians and diplomats of their responsibility to preserve the spiritual principles on which their nations had been founded.

Norma's ministry will live on through the great treasure reflected in her writings. However, her ministry also lives in the hearts and lives of the many people who were able to see the love of a great and powerful God in a life so willing to be His servant.

In her book "Listening" Norma wrote, "What music lingers in the air because of our journey?" Norma answered that question for her family and worldwide network of friends and acquaintances by giving her life to writing an eternal symphony.

We are grateful for the blessing of Norma's music.

On November 9, 1994, the TWU Library was re-dedicated and named in honour of Norma Marion Alloway.

The campanile and gardens adjacent to the Alloway Library were dedicated to the memory of Norma Marion Alloway on March 27, 2000.