Library Resources for TWU Richmond

A guide to library resources for TWU students at the Richmond campus.


The most useful collection of dictionaries we have is the Oxford Reference Collection. It includes:

  • 18 bi-lingual dictionaries (European languages only)
  • 7 English dictionaries, including Canadian, Australian, and American English
  • 206 specialized dictionaries on subjects from Accounting to Nursing to Zoology


  • Specialized encyclopedias can be good places to start your research. They give an overview of the subject and usually have vocabulary that will be useful to use when searching for books or articles on your topic.
  • To find a specialized encyclopedia, in the library Catalogue, search for Encyclopedia + [your subject]. For example:

  • There isn't an encyclopedia on every subject, so you may not always find one.
  • If searching for Encyclopedia + [your subject] doesn't find anything, try:
    •  handbook + [your subject] 
    • guide + [your subject] 
    • companion + [your subject]