Indigenous Peoples Research Guide

A guide for finding information on First Nations, Aboriginal people, Inuit, and Metis.

About Books & Ebooks

All of TWU's books -- both online and print -- are listed in the Library Catalogue. Add the following search terms to a topic or stand alone to ensure relevant results: Indigenous OR First Nations OR aboriginal


Featured Indigenous Resources

I Am Woman: A Native Perspective on Sociology and Feminism (1996)
Lee Maracle (Stó꞉lō)

The Reason You Walk (2017)
Wab Kinew (Ojibwe)

Holding Our Work Together: Ojibwe Women and the Survival of Community (2013)
Brenda J. Child (Ojibwe)

Unreconciled:Family, Truth, and Indigenous Resistence (2021)
Jesse Wente (Anishinaabe)

Buffalo Shout, Salmon Cry: Conversation on Creation, Land Justice, and Life Together (2013)
edited by Steve Heinrichs

Seven Fallen Feathers: Racism, Death, and Hard Truths in a Northern City (2017)
Tanya Talaga (Anishinaabe)

Claiming Anishinaabe: Decolonizing the Human Spirit (2017)
Lynn Gehl (Algonquin Anishinaabe-kwe)

Making Space for Indigenous Feminism (2017)
Joyce Green

Truth Telling: Seven Conversations About Indigenous Life in Canada (2023)
Michelle Good (Cree)

We All Go Back to the Land: The Who, Why, and How of Land Acknowledgements (2021) (ebook)
Suzanne Keeptwo (Métis (Algonkin/French and Irish) of Québec)


In My Own Moccasins: A Memoir of Resilience (2019) (ebook)
Helen Knott (Dane-Zaa, Nehiyaw, Métis)

Rescuing the Gospel From the Cowboys: A Native American Expression of the Jesus Way (2015) (ebook)
Richard Twiss (Sicangu Lakota Oyate)



Living on the Land: Indigenous Women’s Understanding of Place (2016) (ebook)
Nathalie Kermoal & Isabel Altamirano-Jiménez (Zapotec from the TehuantepecIsthmus, Mexico)

Plants, People, and Places : The Roles of Ethnobotany and Ethnoecology in Indigenous Peoples' Land Rights in Canada and Beyond (2020) (ebook)
Nancy J. Turner

Sharing Our Knowledge: The Tlingit and Their Coastal Neighbors (2015) (ebook)
Sergei Kan & Steve Henrikson

As We Have Always Done: Indigenous Freedom Through Radical Resistance (2017) (ebook)
Leanne Simpson (Mississauga Nishnaabeg)

Our Ice is Vanishing / Sikuvut Nunguliqtuq: A History of Inuit, Newcomers, and Climate Change (2014) (ebook)
Shelley Wright

Indigenous Literature (Fiction and Plays)

We Get Our Living Like Milk from the Land (1993)
Lee Maracle (Stó꞉lō)

Read, Listen, Tell: Indigenous Stories from Turtle Island (2017)
Sophie McCall, David Gaertner, Deanna Reder, & Gabrielle L’Hirondelle Hill

Why Indigenous Literatures Matter (2018)
Daniel Heath Justice (Cherokee)

Kamapoola: An Indigenous Matriarch Story 
Kim Senklip Harvey (Syilz and Tsilhqot'in)

The Back of the Turtle
Thomas King (Cherokee, Greek and German descent)

Five Little Indians
Michelle Good (Cree)

The Rez Sisters: A Play in Two Acts
Tomson Highway (Cree)

Monkey Beach
Eden Robinson (Haisla and Heiltsuk First Nations)

Indian Horse
Richard Wagamese (Objiwe)

Residential Schools Resources

The Benevolent Experiment: Indigenous Boarding Schools, Genocide and Redress in Canada and the United States (2015)
Andrew Woolford

Finding My Talk: How Fourteen Native Women Reclaimed their Lives After Residential School (2004)
Agnes Grant

Arts of Engagement: Talking Aesthetic Action In and Beyon the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada
(2016) edited by Dylan Robinson (Stó:lō) and Keavy Martin

Genocidal Love: A Life After Residential School (2020) (ebook)
Bevann Fox (Pasqua Nation)

Pathways of Reconciliation: Indigenous and Settler Approaches to Implementing the TRC’s Calls to Action (2020) (ebook)
Aimée Craft (Anishinaabe-Métis) and Paulette Regan

The Education of Augie Merasty: A Residential School Memoir (2017)
Joseph Auguste Merasty with David Carpenter

Carlisle Indian Industrial School: Indigenous Histories, Memories, and Reclamations (2016) (ebook)
Jacqueline Fear-Segal and Susan D. Rose

Indian School Road: Legacies of the Shubenacadie Residential School (2014)
Chris Benjamin

Wawahte: As Told to Robert P. Wells by Indian Residential School Survivors (2016)
Robert P. Wells

A Knock on the Door: The Essential History of Residential Schools from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (2015)

A Long Journey: Residential Schools in Labrador and Newfoundland (2020)
Andrea Proctor

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Resources

Highway of Tears: A True Story of Racism, Indifference, and the Pursuit of Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (2019)
Jessica McDiarmid

Unbroken: My Fight for Survival, Hope, and Justice for Indigenous Women and Girls (2023) (ebook)
Angela Sterritt (Gitxsan)

Violence Against Indigenous Women: Literature, Activism, Resistance (2017) (ebook)
Allison Hargreaves 

If I Go Missing (2019)
Brianna Jonnie

Surviving the City Teacher Guide (2020) (ebook)
Christine M'Lot (Anishinaabe)

New Indigenous Curriculum Resources

The Trail of Nenaboozhoo and Other Creation Stories
Bomgiizhik Isaac Murdoch (Ojibwe)
(Grades 7-12)

Mapping My Way Home: A Gitixan History
Neil J. Sterritt (Gitxsan)
(Grades 9-12)

I Lost My Talk
Rita Joe (Mi'kmaq) and illustrated by Pauline Young (Mi'kmaq)
(Kindergarten to Grade 3)


I’m Finding My Talk
Rebecca Thomas (Mi'kmaw) and illustrated by Pauline Young (Mi'kmaq)
(Kindergarten to Grade 3)

There's Something in the Water: Environmental Racism in Indigenous and Black Communities
Ingrid R.G. Waldron
(Grades 10-12)

Turtle Island: The Story of North America's First People
Eldon Yellowhorn (Piikani Nation) and Kathy Lowinger 
(Grades 4-9)

As Long as Grass Grows: The Indigenous Fight for Environment Justice, from Colonialization to Standing Rock
Dina Gilio-Whitaker (member of the Colville Confederated Tribes)
(Grades 10-12)

Indian Residential Schools and Reconciliation: Teacher Resource Guide 11/12 
First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC)
(Grades 8-12)

Th’owiya: The Hungry Feast Dish
Joseph A. Dandurand (Kwantlen)
(Grades 7-12)

Little Wolf
Teoni Spathelfer (Heiltsuk) and illustrated by Natassia Davies (Coast Salish)
(Grades 1-5)

Kiviuq and the Bee Woman
Noel McDermott and illustrated by Toma Feizo Gas

The Eagle Mother
Hetxw’ms Gyetxw Brett D. Huson (Gitxsan) and illustrated by Natasha Donovan (Métis)
(Grades 1-4)