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Indigenous Peoples Research Guide

A guide for finding information on First Nations, Aboriginal people, Inuit, and Metis.

Featured Ebooks

Pathways of Reconciliation: Indigenous and Settler Approaches to Implementing the TRC’s Calls to Action

Aimée Craft & Paulette Regan

Rescuing the Gospel From the Cowboys: A Native American Expression of the Jesus Way

Richard Twiss



In My Own Moccasins: A Memoir of Resilience

Helen Knott

Indian Horse

Richard Wagamese

Why Indigenous Literatures Matter

Daniel Heath Justice

Living on the Land: Indigenous Women’s Understanding of Place

Nathalie Kermoal & Isabel Altamirano-Jiménez

Read, Listen, Tell: Indigenous Stories from Turtle Island

Sophie McCall, David Gaertner, Deanna Reder, & Gabrielle L’Hirondelle Hill

Plants, People, and Places : The Roles of Ethnobotany and Ethnoecology in Indigenous Peoples' Land Rights in Canada and Beyond

Nancy J. Turner

Sharing Our Knowledge: The Tlingit and Their Coastal Neighbors

Sergei Kan & Steve Henrikson

As We Have Always Done: Indigenous Freedom Through Radical Resistance

Leanne Simpson

A Knock on the Door: The Essential History of Residential Schools from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

Our Ice is Vanishing / Sikuvut Nunguliqtuq: A History of Inuit, Newcomers, and Climate Change

Shelley Wright

We All Go Back to the Land: The Who, Why, and How of Land Acknowledgements

Suzanne Keeptwo


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