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Welcome to the Research section of MCOM 191

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The textbook for this section is Research Strategies: Finding your Way through the Information Fog, 7th ed. (William Badke, Bloomington, IN:, 2021). 

Good research is at the centre of academic study. While many students--experienced with keywords and Google--believe that they are already solid researchers, most students have very limited skills when it comes to doing academic research.

(If you want evidence, see this study from Project Information Literacy:

This section of the course, which is non-credit but required (with a good level of proficiency required to pass) will:

1. Enable you to understand the current information landscape and the world of academic literature within it.

2. Help you with development of problem-based research questions.

3. Teach you the skills to optimize academic databases to find relevant scholarly literature.

4. Enable you to do the work required in preparation for the course research paper.

Throughout the course I want to be available to you. If you have any questions at all, please email me using the "Email me" button on the left.

Important Dates

Module Class Assignment Due


Wednesday, September 13 Wednesday, September 20
2 Wednesday, September 20 Wednesday, September 27
3 Wednesday, September 27 Wednesday, October 4
3 - workshop Wednesday, October 4 Wednesday, October 15
4 Wednesday, October 15 Wednesday, October 25