D.Min. 971 - Explorations: Information Research Module

This module within D.Min. 971, worth 40% of the course, is available entirely at this site.

Guide to this Module

This module is intended to walk you through an understanding of the information world and the role of scholarship, then to enable you to do initial research on the topic that you will more fully develop for the Preliminary Project Proposal for this course. This means that you will need to have a topic at least by the due date of assignment #1.

Some details:

1. Submit each assignment individually. I make extensive comments which are crucial to your success with the next assignment. I don't accept more than one assignment at a time. All assignments must be successfully completed to pass the module.

2. I am very interested in your process. You will need to show me why you answered as you did and/or what search terminology you used in databases.

3. To get into our databases for assignment #3 and #4 through our web page - https://www.twu.ca/library/ - you will need the user name + @mytwu.ca and password that you use for TWUPass or Moodle. Read the registrar's information sheet, which you will have received by e-mail. As you begin the course, be sure to test your access to our databases, by trying to log into one of them, for example: https://twu.idm.oclc.org/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=ip,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=asnIt is extremely important that you ensure that your database login works. Contact me by e-mail if you have a problem with logging in.

3. I have included an assignment template for each assignment. Click on the link to download a rich text format outline of your assignment to open in the word processor of your choice. This will serve as your guide to make sure you complete all parts of each assignment as directed.

4. As you complete each of the five assignments, you need to submit it to me by e-mail attachment.

5. You should contact me by e-mail whenever you are having any problems with the course (badke@twu.ca).

Due Dates

Assignment #1

December 15, 2023

Assignment #2                 January 5, 2024
Assignment #3

January 19, 2024

Assignment #4

February 2, 2024

Assignment #5

 February 16, 2024