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Interlibrary Loan (ILL) - Borrowing from other Libraries


Article / Book Chapter


TWU & ACTS Faculty/Staff

no charge

no charge

Grad students

no charge

no charge

TWU Undergrad students

no charge*

no charge*

Community Borrowers**/Alumni



*No charge until further notice.
**Community Borrowers need to have a current Community Borrower Card before they can order an interlibrary loan.

***ILL fees will be charged to your Library account.***

The Library and some programs assist in underwriting ILL costs.

Requests can be made using our Online Request Form. Requests can also be made by following the "Where can I get this (Interlibrary Loan)" link from most electronic databases.

ILL service is available to current TWU students, staff and faculty. Distance students may order articles, but not books through ILL. Local area alumni are also eligible (with an alumni library card), as are community borrowers. ILL service is not available to affiliate, COPPUL and CURBA borrowers.

The most frequently requested items are journal articles and books. Other items that may be available are dissertations/theses, microfiche, and microfilm. Audio-visual materials and course textbooks are not available through ILL.

Materials that can be found in the TWU library or through one of our electronic resources CANNOT be requested through ILL, unless the item is missing. If the item you are looking for is checked out to another user, use the Request option in the Library catalogue to place a hold on the title.

Each library has its own policy on what types of materials they will lend, so it is not always possible to obtain the item you are looking for. We will contact you if we are having problems obtaining your requested item.

Journal articles and book chapters are sent electronically and typically take a few working days to arrive. Books, theses, or microfiche/film can take from 1 to 4 weeks. Please note that once we send out your request, we have very little control over when the materials will be delivered, as it's dependent on the other library and postal system.

Please allow one week before enquiring about the status of your ILL requests.

Be sure to fill in the Need-By Date on the request form, to help avoid receiving materials past the date that they will be useful to you.

Rush requests are generally not accepted.

It is sometimes possible to cancel a request. If we receive your cancellation before the request has been sent to another library, it may be possible to cancel your request. If the request has been sent, we cannot cancel it. Decisions will be made on a case by case basis. Please contact ILL staff at to request a cancellation, and we will let you know if your request can or cannot be cancelled.

It may be necessary for us to cancel your request, for any one of the following reasons:

  • Your item is available in the TWU Library;
  • The citation is incomplete or inaccurate;
  • There are no libraries which have the item;
  • There are no libraries which will lend the item to us;
  • The item cannot be obtained by the Need-By Date;
  • The request exceeds copyright restrictions.
As mentioned above, we will contact you if we are having problems obtaining your requested item, or if we need to cancel your request.

Under the terms of the fair dealing provisions in the COPYRIGHT ACT R.S.C. c. C-42, Trinity Western University Interlibrary Loans cannot order copies of more than an insubstantial amount of a publication.

Detailed information on how much may be copied is available here.

Interlibrary loan requests which exceed copyright limitations will be cancelled.

When your book or article arrives, we will notify you via email.

It varies by institution. When your item arrives, check with the ILL staff at TWU Alloway library to get a more precise answer.

Please send your questions:
To reach us by phone: 604-513-2121 (ext. 3912)