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Who to contact to renew books, get research help, book a study room, etc.

University Librarian & Librarians

Darcy Gullacher, B.A.R., B.A., M.L.I.S. (Alberta)
University Librarian
T: 604-513-2121 x 3905 
Office: Upper Level - 220


Caroline Ahn, B.A., M.A., M.L.I.S. (British Columbia)
Assistant Librarian, Systems and Technical Services
Primary contact regarding systems and technical issues.
T: 604-513-2121 x 3914
Office: Lower Level - Technical Services - 023

William Badke

William Badke, B.Th., M.Th., M.L.S. (British Columbia)
Associate Librarian, TWU for Associated Canadian Theological Schools and Information Literacy
Primary contact regarding theological & biblical studies collections; responsible for information literacy activities.
T: 604-513-2121 x 3906
Office: Upper Level - 204


Tracey Krause, B.A., M.A.S & M.L.I.S. (British Columbia)
University Archivist and Assistant Librarian
Primary contact regarding the university archives; responsible for general reference services.
T: 604-513-2121 x 3925
Office: Upper Level - TWU Archives and Special Collections- 229

Elizabeth Kreiter

Elizabeth Kreiter, B.A., M.L.I.S. (Alberta)
Assistant Librarian, Reference and Information Literacy
Primary contact regarding Nursing and HKIN research services.
T: 604-513-2121 x 3923
Office: Main Level

Rick Wiebe

Rick Wiebe, B.R.E., M.A.B.S., M.A.L.S. (Rosary College [Dominican University])
Assistant Librarian, Cataloguing and Processing
Primary contact regarding cataloguing of Library materials.
T: 604-513-2121 x 3915
Office: Lower Level - Technical Services - 024

Qinqin Zhang

Qinqin Zhang, B.Eng., M.Sc., M.L.I.S. (British Columbia)
Assistant Librarian, Information Literacy, E-Learning, & E-Resources
Primary contact regarding E-Learning and E-Resources.
T: 604-513-2121 x 3904
Office: Main Level

Library Personnel

Abraham Brake, B.Sc.
Circulation Clerk: Public Services
Primary contact regarding Reserve items.
T: 604-513-2121 x 3920
Location: Main Level - Borrower Services

Sarah Brake
Technical Services Clerk (part-time): 
Interlibrary loans
Location: Lower Level --Technical Services - 021

Shawn Brouwer

Shawn Brouwer, B.A.
Circulation Supervisor
Primary contact regarding general circulation services (daytime). Responsible for media bookings.
T: 604-513-2121 x 2023
Location: Main Level - Borrower Services


Janet Kreiter
Circulation Clerk: Public Services
Primary contact regarding Library fines.
T: 604-513-2121 x 3917
Location: Main Level - Borrower Services

Ken Pearson

Ken Pearson, B.S., B.S., M.A., M.C.S., Lib. Tech. Dip.
Library Technician: Technical Services
Primary contact regarding Acquisitions and requesting Interlibrary Loans.
T: 604-513-2121 x3907 
Location: Lower Level - Technical Services - 021

Lori Penner

Lori Penner, Lib. Tech. Dip
Library Technician: Administrative support, Technical Services & Circulation Support
Primary contact regarding ILL Processing and Institutional lending.
T: 604-513-2121 x 3912
Location: Lower Level -Technical Services - 021

Leighann Thomas, Lib. Tech. Dip
Technical Services Clerk (part-time): 
Technical Services
Responsible for book repair and related duties. 
T: 604-513-2121 x 3910
Location: Lower Level --Technical Services - 021

Jennifer Sheen
Administrative Assistant
T: 604-513-2121 x 3902
Office: Upper Level - 221