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Linguistics: Journals/Articles

Resources for linguistics students at TWU and CanIL.

Databases - Start Here

Use the databases and indexes below to find recent materials on Linguistics-related topics. If you are not sure how to search the databases, check out the video tutorials on the Getting Help tab.
  • Linguistics Collection (Linguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts and Linguistics Database) 
    The primary source for linguistics and language-related journals. It combines an index, Linguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts, and a full-text database, the Linguistics Database.

  • Ethnologue - a comprehensive database on world languages.
  • MLA International Bibliography with Full Text (EBSCOhost)
    The MLA International Bibliography with Full Text contains the full text of more than 1,000 journals including 60 important linguistics-related journals, such as: Applied LinguisticsThe Canadian Journal of LinguisticsThe Canadian Journal of Applied LinguisticsCognitive LinguisticsInternational Journal of Applied Linguistics, etc. 
  • Communication and Mass Media Complete
    Indexes journals such as Modern Language Journal, Language Learning, Journal of the International Phonetic Association, Journal of Sociolinguistics, as well as many other linguistics-related journals.
    JSTOR (Journal Storage), is a large, full-text archive of back issues of journals across a wide range of academic subjects. It contains back issues of many journals to the first issue. To find the most recent research on a topic, use one of the other databases on this page.
  • Education Full Text
    An education-focused database that contains the full text of 440+ journals. It contains significant material of interest to linguists.
  • ERIC 
    ERIC is a large education-focused database that contains many useful resources for linguists and second-language teachers. 
  • Academic Search Ultimate
    A multi-disciplinary database that will have some information on almost any topic. It indexes journals such as Applied PsycholinguisticsJournal of Pragmatics,  Lingua, etc. An excellent place to find a couple of articles on a topic, if you're in a hurry. For more in-depth research, use one of the specialized databases in this list.

Other relevant databases

  •  CBCA Education 
    A Canadian-based educational database. It is particularly useful for researchers looking for information on Canadian education-related topics.
  • Dimensions 
    A comprehensive index, no login required, that is similar to the citation indexes of Web of Science. Each citation provides a list of its references and a citation count plus a list of citing documents.  Limited full text, though there is an open access filter on the left.  For more full text and formatted citations, take titles found in Dimensions, log into Google Scholar from the library home page, and search for Dimensions titles there. 
    An open access database to discover, analyze, and map global innovation knowledge. Bridging the cultures of scholarly research with invention and industry.
  • PsycInfo 
    A large psychology database that indexes many psycholinguistics-related journals.
  • Sage Journals 
    A multi-disciplinary full-text database. Many of the articles in Sage are indexed in Linguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts.
  • Social Sciences Citation Index (Web of Science)
  • Wiley Online Library
    A full-text database with many linguistics-related articles.

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