Philosophy 105 Library Guide


The Philosophy 105 Library Guide is intended to help you navigate the research tasks for this course. I am your primary librarian contact. To get in touch with me about the library or your research, use the e-mail link below and to the right.

Introduction to this Guide

Research can be challenging. As you enter university study, Google becomes a much more lame resource, and you are now encountering academic databases that seem complicated.

You will quickly find that Google is not sufficient (or even a first choice) for university research. Have a look at this presentation (controls under the screen)

This guide is here to help you walk through research, from initial planning to using academic databases effectively to having access to full text of resources and formatting citations.

Research Design in Philosophy

Have a look at the following guide (open it to full screen; navigation arrows on the bottom):

Getting Help with your PHIL 105 Research

I'm your personal librarian for this course. See my contact to the left.

If you are struggling in any way with library resources or a research project, please e-mail me. I can help.

Bill Badke

About the Library

TWU's Norma Marion Alloway Library has rich resources for you, many of them in electronic form, including books, journal articles, research guides, tutorials, and our ever-present personal support for your research efforts. On the latter, see the Contact Us link to the left.

Our library search tools may seem complex to you, especially if you are mainly used to Google, but they are not as difficult as they seem, and they are stronger search tools than Google.

Your main entry to resources will be through our Library OneSearch box located on the library home page:

Our "How to OneSearch" guide shows you how it works: