Advanced Research Skills Workshop for Graduate Students


Welcome to our four-part workshop on advanced research skills for graduate students.It is based on my decades of teaching research as well as doing research and publishing numerous articles, chapters, and books. Follow the tabs across the screen to find each of the sessions.

If you have any questions or want to discuss anything further, please contact me by e-mail.


Research Strategies book cover--girl sitting on the floor with a book in a library

The above title is a more extensive guide to concepts in this workshop series. We will be covering the topics: Information Landscape, Research Design, Search Strategies, and Organizing and Writing.

The Plan

This workshop, through weekly sessions, will enable you to hone your research skills within today's research environment. Many graduate students overestimate their research skills, assuming, as do their professors, that if they have done research, they have learned how to do research. Yet multiple studies have shown that this is not the case and that further guidance is needed to ramp graduate students up to the ability levels required of graduate research. This workshop is an attempt to do some of that over a period of four weeks.