TWU Alloway Library Apps

Apps for creating presentations, videos, and more.

Prezi  Prezi. An online presentation tool. Free Prezi viewer download for iOS and Android. 

Keynote  Keynote. Simplified version of Keynote for mobile devices. Download ($9.99) for iOS.

  CanvaCreate a design, presentation, video, infographic, social media posts and more. Free download for iOS and Android.  

Explain Everything  Explain Everything. An interactive screencasting whiteboard. Free download for iOS and Android. Tutorial video here

ShowMe app ShowMe. A tool to record voice-over whiteboard tutorials and share them online. Free download for iOS. A tutorial here

Doodlecast Doodlecast Pro. An easy tool to create voice-over presentations on the iPad. Download for $6.99 for iOS. A tutorial here

eduCreations Educreations. An easy tool to create dynamic videos on the iPad. Free download for iOS