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Library Services: Library Faculty & Staff

Services not listed on the library homepage.

University Librarian

Darcy Gullacher Gullacher, Darcy 

B.A.R., B.A., M.L.I.S. (Alberta)

  • Tel. 604-513-2121 x 3905
  • Office -- Upper Level --220

Library Faculty

Ahn, Caroline

Assistant Librarian, Systems and Technical Services. B.A., M.A., M.L.I.S. (British Columbia)

Primary contact regarding systems and technical issues.

  • Tel. 604-513-2121 x. 3914
  • Office -- Lower Level - Technical Services - 023

William Badke Badke, William 

Associate Librarian, TWU for Associated Canadian Theological Schools and Information Literacy. B.Th., M.Th., M.L.S. (British Columbia)

Primary contact regarding theological & biblical studies collections; responsible for information literacy activities. 

  • Tel. 604-513-2121 x 3906
  • Office -- Upper Level --204


Krause, Tracey (she/her)

University Archivist and Assistant Librarian.  B.A., M.A.S & M.L.I.S. (British Columbia)

Primary contact regarding the university archives; responsible for general reference services. 


 Kreiter, Elizabeth

Assistant Librarian, Reference and Information Literacy. B.A., M.L.I.S. (Alberta)

Primary contact regarding Nursing and HKIN research services. 

  • Tel. 604-513-2121 x 3923
  • Office -- Main Level 


Rick  Wiebe, Rick

Assistant Librarian, Cataloguing and Processing. B.R.E., M.A.B.S., M.A.L.S. (Rosary College [Dominican University])

Primary contact regarding cataloguing of Library materials. 

  • Tel. 604-513-2121 x 3915
  • Office -- Lower Level -- Technical Services -- 024


Qinqin Zhang Zhang, Qinqin 

Assistant Librarian, Information Literacy, E-Learning, & E-Resources. B.Eng., M.Sc., M.L.I.S. (British Columbia)

Primary contact regarding E-Learning and E-Resources. 

  • Tel. 604-513-2121 x 3904
  • Office -- Main Level 

General Contact Information

Library Circulation: Tel: 604-513-2023 (Renewals, etc.) 

Email Circulation 

Research Help Desk: 604-513-2121 x 3903

Ask a Librarian  

Fax: 604-513-2063

Mailing Address:

22500 University Drive
Langley, BC 

Library Staff

Brake, Abraham

Circulation Clerk: Public Services. (B.Sc.) 

Primary contact regarding Reserve items.

  • Tel. 604-513-2121 x3920
  • Location -- Main Level -- Borrower Services


Shawn Brouwer Brouwer, Shawn 

Circulation Coordinator. (B.A.)

Primary contact regarding general circulation services (daytime) Responsible for media booking

  • Tel. 604-513-2121 x 2023
  • Location -- Main Level -- Borrower Services


Janet Kreiter, Janet 

Circulation Clerk: Public Services

Primary contact regarding Library fines.

  • Tel. 604-513-2121 x 3917
  • Location -- Main Level -- Borrower Services


 Pearson, Ken 

Library Technician: Technical Services. B.S., B.S., M.A., M.C.S., Lib. Tech. Dip.

  • Tel: 604-513-2121 x3907 
  • Location -- Lower Level -- Technical Services -- 021


lori penner Penner, Lori 

Library Technician: Administrative support, Technical Services & Circulation Support. Lib. Tech. Dip.
Primary contact regarding general Library inquiries
Responsible for periodicals management
Primary contact regarding ILL Processing and Institutional lending.

  • Tel. 604-513-2121 x 3902
  • Office -- Upper Level -- 221


Shelley Spencer Spencer, Shelley 

Library Technician: Curriculum Resource Centre. B.Ed.

Responsible for the Library's Curriculum Resource Centre. 


Thomas, Leighann 

Technical Services Clerk (part-time): Technical Services (Library Technician diploma)

Responsible for book repair and related duties. 

  • Tel. 604-513-2121 x 3910
  • Office -- Lower Level -- Technical Services -- 021