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FAQs: Does the Library have a scanner?

Frequently asked questions about the library.

Does the Library have a scanner?

Yes. Both copiers (Upper and Main Levels) will scan in black and white, the main level copier will also scan in colour. Scans can be e-mailed as an attachment, or saved to a USB drive.

 Note: If you're scanning something in colour and/or high resolution on the copier/scanner, it's best to save it to a USB drive, as large files can take several days to arrive by e-mail, if they arrive at all.

There is also an Epson flatbed scanner attached to a computer near the windows. Use this if you want to edit your scan with Photoshop.

Here are basic instructions for using it. For an illustrated version see this PDF.
A) Scan to a PDF

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat
  2. From the "File" Menu select "Create" and then choose "PDF from Scanner".
  3. Follow the on screen instructions

B) To Scan a Picture

  1. Open Adobe Photoshop
  2. From the "File" Menu select "Import" and then choose "WIA Support".
  3. Follow the on screen instructions

Troubleshooting Tips (if above instructions do not work):

  1. Ensure that the scanner's USB cable is plugged into the computer.  If it is not, plug the USB cable into one of the computer's USB ports (the ports on the back seem more reliable than those on the front).
  2. Ensure that the scanner is turned on (green light next to the word "Power" on the front of the scanner).  If the power is not on, check the power switch on the right side of the scanner and check to make sure the scanner is plugged in.

If the scanner still does not work, please submit a helpdesk request to the IT department using "".